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    Congrats on the new barn! I hope it works out well! Hahah, there was another thread a while ago where a member found out her barn was having alcoholics anonymous bonfires in the pastures and they didn't tell her about it. hehe
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    You did no tupset me or make me mad... I just tend to be direct... which is what was going on in the other thread. and Kenny accused me of not listening or taking care of my mare!!
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    Thanks very much!
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    Hi, here is another link for you on Hendra.


    It is a disease passed from bats to horses and through them to horses. Mortality rate is 100% in horses, only one horse known to have survived but destroyed by the govt. Mortality rate in humans in over 50%

    Any horse not acting 'normal' or 'off' is treated by me with extreme caution. I had a mare who was 'off' last week and was bought up to isolation paddock and observed. No silly business like taking temps or such that could expose us to the virus. Wasn't showing real colic signs or such, was just sooky. Not like her.

    Unfortunately for the horses I have to put the lives of myself and the kids first.
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    I do have a regular stylist, just hate appointments .
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    Our stallion has a photobucket account here: http://s141.photobucket.com/albums/r...2infinity/Raj/ He is egyptian bred. You can see he has the coarser head and the longer body. The bay (his gelding buddy) is pure polish. We only breed what we can keep so here is our only foal by him (he does have others out there) http://s141.photobucket.com/albums/r...inity/Ghaffar/ He is kind of an ugly duckling and I'm waiting for the swan transformation. He has fairly good confo and is still changing. He is out of an egyptian related 7/8 arab mare.
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    Most of them also need tack, helmets, brushes, just about anything you can think of. I volunteered at Avalon TEC for 5 years until I got the job I am at now, so I know what you mean about time.
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    Heidi, I am so sorry I did not see your message earlier. I am located right on the line between Waukesha and Jefferson Counties, north of I94. I would contact N.A.R.H.A. ( North American Riding for the Handicapped Association. They may have a list of a facility that is closer to you.
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    Left you a new rep comment!
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    I can't enlarge the pics But ya'll look good from what I can tell
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