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    Can you please delete or lock my post in the breeding section? I posted asking about myares bloodlines now its gone out of control and is about me breeding her and how I should get a quarter horse. I've receive very nasty comments, messages and gotten negative ratings (pretty sure its the same person over and over) and I don't think its fair for them to gang up on me. I suffer from cronic depression and can not handle their comments (really rude comments) emotionally. Thank you so much
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    In one refresh I just saw your rep go from one star and a bunch of bars to two stars... It was like looking down and seeing the odometer hit 100,000... you know, life's little moments
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    PM sent to you
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    Hello! I like your profile pic.
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    =] just saying hi, thanks for all you do!
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    ditto for the hawk picture!! makes me cower in fear!! lol ;P
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    Just out of curiosity, what does it take to become a senior member?

    Never mind, I found my answers. Thank you!
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    May I change my username from Tonto4me to Eightlegs? This is a great forum!! I love it here!
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    Thanks for the awesome forum. Its the best one I have found online. Thanks again :0)
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    Thanks for the great forum...is there a way I can change my user ID, I no longer own an Appaloosa and would like to change my name to
    Ride2live .
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