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  • 1 Post By CheyAut

Discuss How long will he act like a stud after gelding? at the Horse Breeding forum - Horse Breeding Forums.

I am picking up a new colt who is still intact next weekend. The vet ...
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    Senior Member+ DeeMagicMan's Avatar
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    Feb 2011

    How long will he act like a stud after gelding?

    I am picking up a new colt who is still intact next weekend. The vet here said they will not geld him until the fall because the flies are too bad, although I'd like to get it sone right away. He just turned 2 in june, and is currently out with two fillies and another stud colt. One of the fillies was in heat when i went to see him and he was trying to mount her the whole time I was there. He is not aggressive to people, but he is chasing around the fillies biting at their tails and trying to mount them constantly. He has no interest in being around people right now and was acting skittish when he is normally very friendly. I am wondering how long a colt will ggenerally keep having stallion "urges" after they are gelded. Will he keep thinking he's a stud because he has already been trying to breed? I have had a stud before but I got him at 4 months and he was out with geldings, was taught to have manners, and was never out with a mare when we eventually sold him at 4 years old. This colt has been "petted" a lot and the owner can pick up all his feet, he does not kick or bite, but he will not be caught and has a bit of an attitude. He is concerned about the girls all the time. I'm moving him to a new facility where there are two mares he'll eventually be pastured with after gelding. I want to make sure he can be kept with them without trying to mount them or any of the horses getting hurt. he'll be stalled until he is gelded, but I'm just curious what other's experiences were with young 2 year olds that have already realized they are "all man".
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    Heck.. my 4 month old colt thinks he's all man! He tries to mount my mares already!!
    I can't answer your question because I don't have experience in your situation, but I can offer a few tips? First, he shouldn't be in with fillies unless his owner wants them pregnant. He needs to be taken out of there ASAP before it's too late.. but it very well could be already. Just because the owner hasn't seen him get to them and get the job done, doesn't mean it hasn't been. From my knowledge, stallions/colts capable of breeding are still able to produce viable sperm for up to 2 months after being gelded. Just some things to think about Good luck with him! Is this the buckskin/dun medicine hat colt?
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    Senior Member+ wylie's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Had my pony gelded just over 10 weeks ago. Vet advised 6 weeks away from the girls before he was put back in with them. He hasnt gone back in with the girls as he now has 2 other geldings in with him. Both of whom are very much higher up than him.

    Mister was separated from the girls the moment i realised he was trying to mount them in Late January.

    Vet also advised no confinement whilst recovering. Lots of movement was advised which is why he was put in a paddock on his own, he had to move to eat and drink (huge dam). The girls also visited but were over the fence so he trotted up and down there showing off to them

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    Senior Member+ CheyAut's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Hope you wanted the fillies/mares he's in with pregnant, because odds are they are
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    Senior Member+ Aricia's Avatar
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    May 2005
    I find if they have bred before (and don't kid yourself... He HAS bred those fillies), the behaviours take longer to dissipate if they do at all. Ideally they never see fillies till they are gelded, but that's in a perfect world. I gels as soon as there are two descended testicles and in my latest colt, that was at 7 weeks. Much less hassle and NO swelling when done early.

    Get him away from the girls, cut him and give him lots of groundwork etc. And he will probably come round fine.

    Good luck.

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    Apr 2011
    Arlington, WA
    Then there's our gelding who was gelded at 3 although never turned out with mares. He's now 10 and thinks he's a stallion living with his 4 mares. It doesn't help that 2 of our mares not only let him mount them but actually chase him around the pasture when they're in season. He's also one of those annoying brats who likes to poke his nose at mares to see if they'll squeal.

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    May 2010
    Colorado, ontop my little green star :)
    I was told it takes about 30 days to get that testostorone through them and out.... BUT all horses vary...
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    May 2011
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    my 6 year old was gelded at 22 months and he mounted a mare for the first time in February this year. I kept him away from the herd for 2 months after he was gelded.
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