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Discuss Living alone at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

Single ladies: do you live alone or with roommates? I was required to share a ...
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    Aug 2006

    Living alone

    Single ladies: do you live alone or with roommates?

    I was required to share a tiny dorm room for all of college (university rule) and can't decide what to do now. I met with some girls today to apartment hunt, but I don't know if I actually want to live with roommates. I'll have my own room and bathroom regardless.

    Pros: Safer to live in groups, nice to come home to a friendly face, trade-off walking dogs,

    Cons: Potentially disruptive and obnoxious, Lack of privacy, Likely to have friends over I don't like, $180 more expensive to live alone.

    What would you do? I'll already be paying much more than average rent in the area to have a 24-hour doorman, dog yard, and coded elevator.

    p.s. Will be in tough, graduate-level, academic program. So disruption can be a HUGE issue.
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    Senior Member clara17's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    silverdale Washington
    the beginning of this year I lived in a 3 bedroom duplex with 4 people including myself. it sucked! me and one of the other roommates were ALWAYS stuck cleaning up everybodies dishes and messes because they just refused to clean up after themselves. I had my own bedroom but the roommate whose room was right next to mine would stay up all night long watching movies and playing video games with the sound up all of the way. i never got any sleep and he was such a jerk that he would never turn it off or turn the sound down if i asked him to. plus the place itself was disgusting, far away from campus and the bus stop. one day both our toilets stopped working and our landlord took hours to come over to fix them. the whole experience was just horrible

    I ended up moving into a one bedroom in november and LOVE it. I'm actually not paying more because i had my horse with me when i lived in the duplex but had to get rid of him so i'm actually not paying as much as i was when i had him. its so much better, no more cleaning up after anybody, no more staying awake all night cuz my roommate was too loud, no more having to track everyone down to pay their share of the rent, no more anybody eating my food. I did adopt a cat so I have company and my friend lives downstairs so I hang out with her when i get bored i go and hang out with her.

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    Senior Member arabians207's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    It depends on your possible roommates and their personalities, living habits etc. but if it were me I'd probably go with roommates because you will have your own room and own space to get away if need be

    I personally would like having roommates as sometimes I would like some company (though I usually don't mind being by myself) and also there will be other people to provide kitchen gadgets and furniture and stuff Though I totally understand about the disruption worry.. I do NOT like living with my current roommates (and I do share a room with one girl who has COMPLETELY opposite sleeping habits than I do.. I loose so many hours of sleep because of her) and the other two have people over constantly sometimes coming in at like.. midnight/1am when I'm in bed. I cannot wait to not live with any of them anymore. I'm hoping to get my own room for next year to avoid a repeat of this year but it isn't looking real promising right now..

    Also, money is a huge concern of mine (I'm an undergrad university student) so I would rather save the $180 (I assume you mean each month) even though it might mean some disruption with roommates and their friends occasionally.. I think you'll be fine since you will have your own room, and to me that is the most important in having some privacy especially to do school work Also, make sure to ask their opinions and habits on having guests/parties etc before deciding to live with them or not. I made sure my roommates for next year aren't big partiers and don't have guests/guys over like every night.. Again, I am trying everything I can to avoid a repeat next year of my current apartment situation
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    Senior Member angels3's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    My friends experiencing the same thing in her apartment! The all night partying and a messiness was so bad she lives bck w/ her mom (and still paying to live there). I love,love,LOVE living alone! Sure it costs a little extra (not really that much after I looked at campus apts) and its about 25-30 mins from school but its worth having my own space. Plus I have my dogs with me so I kindda feel safer and the people seem nice. I say go for it!

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    PyroTekNik333's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    The land of beer and cheese
    I live alone. I am way to OCD to live with other people, I could barely stand living with family and they knew about most of my "quirks" can't imagine living with someone else would ever be a ball of fun.
    I like privacy.
    So now it's just me and the dog, it's great
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    May 2010
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    I LOVE living alone. I'm married but hubs and I separated, then decided to stay married. I live on the farm with the animals and he lives 62 miles away in the city at the house. It's totally ideal. Nobody is in my way, I can do as I please, when I please and I get no criticism because nobody's around to criticize. But I've wanted to live alone since I was 7~!! I stayed single for twenty years and lived alone between my first and this marriage. I think the extra expense is totally worth it.
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    Jun 2011
    It depends a lot on personalities as to whether you should live with people.

    When I first moved to go to uni, I lived alone. I loved it, but I always forgot to clean the house, wash the dishes and eat properly. Eventually I became depressed and Mum had to help me get everything back on track. Before moving into a place alone, as yourself whether you're able to live alone? Are you responsible enough? Are you stable enough financially?

    My best friend and I are extremely close, but the first few weeks of living with her drove me insane as we were too opposite. Eventually she moved out and a guy moved in (he took advantage of me and forced me to let him while drunk). This guy was a pathalogical liar and subtly turned me against the other girl who was living with us. He told me a whole bunch of lies, saying that she was abusing him, and that she'd slept with her boyfriend in my bed and on my couch. I was furious and I gave her a two week notice, telling her to get out. When the guy was out of the house, the girl and I had a deep and meaningful and the truth came out (she'd always been honest with me so I trusted her). Together we kicked the guy out (who left half of his junk, which has all been donated to charity and who still owes me nearly $1000) and now it's just the two of us. We've become really close (we're basically the same person), we eat well, the house is clean and we're both happy. We have a ton of fun together and I couldn't ask for a better roommate. We have another friend moving in with us and we know we'll be fine with her as she's got a similar personality to the both of us.

    So far everyone but the guy has kept up with their finances and managed quite well. I've only had to cover shopping expenses once.

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    Aug 2010
    Blog Entries
    Tried living alone for a year and hated it. Not for me!
    I have learned that things and people who are striking & beautiful are not always good, but I know for sure that things and people who are good are always striking & beautiful- no matter what!

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    Senior Member+ cschattner's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    I live with my roommate, I am very tolerant except when it comes to noise like TV all the way up, yelling, running around the house like elephants.
    I am not OCD about cleaning so that helps.
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    Senior Member+ DancingArabian's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    I prefer living alone or with just my spouse. When I was living alone, if I wanted company, I would just call someone on the phone or make some plans to go out.

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