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Discuss Let me see your THOROUGHBREDS! at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Here's Mambo. Mambo just turned six and was racing with Trackjockey at Mountaineer until last ...
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    Sep 2010
    Dirty Jerzee
    Here's Mambo.

    Mambo just turned six and was racing with Trackjockey at Mountaineer until last fall. He's come home to me and is working on dressage and flatwork with the occasional speed bump to keep things interesting. Eventually mambo will be an eventer.

    When he's not eating (which is most of the time) he enjoys:
    Jumping invisible 4 foot fences

    Wearing silly hats

    gettin really dirty

    Sniffing cats

    and long walks in the sun

    Mambo also enjoys peeing in my aisleway. I will spare you the picture, but this is his favorite thing to do.

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    Blog Entries
    I am on my IPad so can't post picture....but I have several in my gallery. On the left in my avatar is Scout and he taught me to ride. From the description MIEventer gave.... This horse must be his brother. He was an A Circuit jumper in his heyday but now at 22 (yesterday was his birthday) he is still as spunky as ever and loves to go!
    The other two TB's in my gallery are the two that my daughter rides....one at home and one at the Rescue farm. She is in Pony Club and jumping them.
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    from the Crazy Horse Obsessed Woman......

    "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible." Stuart Chase

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    Feb 2007
    This is Aria, the 12 yr old Thoroughbred I've been riding lately.

    She's the most stubborn, moody and sensitive mare I've ever ridden. She's also the most talented, and I absolutely love getting the chance to ride her.
    In on the joke and I can't stop laughing.

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    Feb 2004
    Boydton, Virginia, USA
    This is my Prince... (Reg. in Jockey Club as Dothan's Boy)

    He is used for Trail Riding...

    For Speed Events...

    And for intimidating my husband and small children, lol...

    What I love about him... Hmm. Everything. He is an awesome horse. He may not have any professional training, but he is great at what he does know.

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    Jan 2008
    GR, MI
    Below is my 13y/o mare Lacey (registered name: Eye You Bobbie, if I ever show her I will show her under: Passionate Kisses).

    1. a picture of your thoroughbred: See Below...
    2. what you use them for (discipline): Hunter and dressage for my pleasure, we don't show... Eventually I'd like to get back into jumping with her just for fun in our lessons. We will trail ride around the property. I would like to be able to eventually be comfprtable enough to haul her out to clinics or trail rides with other boarders (no trailer so I am at their mercy).
    3. what you love about your horse/ the breed: TB's have THEE biggest hearts out of all the breeds I have ever ridden and they will try their hearts out for you! But yes, there can be those TB's that get frustrated quicker if they don't understand but they LOVE to work and have a job!!!! I love how responsive they are and they pick up on this so quickly! They LOVE to play and I just love watching my mare go out in her pasture with her herd of mares and go play with the other mares. There are just SO MANY things I LOVE about TB's!

    My mare and I had a bit of a rough start at bonding. She wasn't a bad horse and I had some confidence issues when she would get quicker or when she was herdbound and I had confidence issues about my weight and me riding her. So I thought maybe we're just not the right fit and I need another horse. So I put her up for sale after a yr of me owning Lacey, then bought another horse before I had Lacey sold. The other horse I got was great until I brought her home (I went out to see this horse 3 times; 2x w/ close, knowledgeable horse friends and once w/ my trainer and had the horse vetted out). The new horse (Deja) was intimidating me when lunging (didn't let the horse know it but it was kinda scary if things did get too far), she would buck big when asked to canter either direction, and she was trying to tear down her stall after 5 months of being at the barn. Well, Lacey would start to stare at us when I would do anything with Deja and want attention from me. So that's where our bond began and I sent back Deja to her previous owner and decided to keep Lacey. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!! She is a MUCH BETTER horse since I sent Deja back! We still have our moments though but we understand each other MUCH MORE and each other's needs. She is VERY patient with me in our lessons and other things and I have learned to be more patient and more intune to her. I have gained my confidence back and am no longer afraid to ride her even when she gets a herdbound. We just work through it and get over it... I just love the partnership we have now!

    \/ She was being a stinker this night so she's all high-headed in this riding pic (the only riding pic I have )...

    Sarah V.
    Proud momma of my sons Cameron & Bryson!!! And of my boy, Denali, a 6y/o IDSH gelding!
    R.I.P. to my beloved OTTB's Bailey & Lacey...

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    Apr 2005
    1. a picture of your thoroughbred

    "Going Platinum"Pete and I show Hunters and Eq.He is a 14 year old Off the track TB.I love how forgiving he is,and how willing he is for me,always trying his hardest. Definitely a fun breed to be around and work with!
    -Amanda @ facebook.com/hlfusedtack
    Rapped Impressively 01' APHA *** Going Platinum 97' OTTB

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    Jan 2010
    This is Topper, who was my 4 year old TB. Sadly he had to be put down after a bad case of colic.

    He was lovely!

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    -:|:- Rest Stop 1 Mile -:|:-

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    Jan 2012
    CANADA BABY!! ;)
    subbing so i can post pics of my girl

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    Senior Member+ lv4running's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Verse 8 yr old OTTB. eventer hopeful. 16.3, 1,200lbs

    Doc 6 yr old OTTB. Trail horse expert and eventer hopeful. 16.2, 1150lbs.

    Swift: 9 yr old OTTB. Trail horse extrodinaire. Can babysit a total novice or challenge an expert. Amazing horse. 15.3, 1,200lbs.
    Last edited by lv4running; 04-22-2012 at 05:15 PM. Reason: forgot Doc's stats
    "Well-behaved women seldom make history." —Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
    I can type fast and I can type accurately. I can't do both at the same time. I also eat over my keyboard so crumbs block my keys. Either way I apologize in advance for my typos.

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    Ontario, Canada
    This was my boy. He was 17.1hh Tb. I sold him a while back but when I bought him he had been sitting in a field for 2+ years after coming off the track. He was the hardest horse I've ever ridden. He needed to be ridden - every moment, every second. He was NOT an honest jumper, but could jump the moon if he wanted. He loved to do dirty stops if you didnt ride him - perfect - to the fence. He was hot headed, stubborn, speedy, and a little bit mental. Didnt spook,rear or buck at all, but he did bolt - occasionally when he got excited over fences (usually your fault for having not the right aids after landing). He LOVED to hack / trail ride. He taught me alot - how to ride - really ride , how to jump, how to wait for fences, stay out of a horses way, and how to fall. I got him schooling 3'9 courses, but he got a freak illness and never was "right" after it, so I sold him to a non-competitive light-riding home. Miss him dearly!

    Every horse has a dream and a passion within. It's not about the trainer, it's about the training to bring that passion out.

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