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Discuss Kind of Weird Topic - Mare's Vulva - *Graphic Pics* at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Originally Posted by Jenje! Lily's vulva looks completely normal to me. It does look just ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenje! View Post
    Lily's vulva looks completely normal to me. It does look just a bit swollen in places, but really... if anything the other mare's vulva looks deformed.

    That's not to say I don't think she's pregnant... but if she is only 8.5 months along (didn't I see that in another thread?) I think it's a bit early for you to be seeing a lot of relaxation and elongation of the vulva. JMO of course. Could your potential breeding dates be wrong?
    Phew! I'm happy to hear that it could be normal for Lily's vulva to look like this.

    To answer the next question, Lily would be a minimum of 8.5 months, as that is how long I've owned her. I bought her from the breeder, and the 2 stallions (AQHA stallion and 2 yr old Andalusian stud colt) were on the property with her, her entire life, so the breeding could have taken place anytime. (any time in the 2.5 months before I bought her or she would have foaled already)

    Quote Originally Posted by ACCphotography View Post
    Agreed. FWIW my filly's vulva looks exactly the same and there's no way she's pregnant.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jenje! View Post
    All of our mares's do too, and none of them are pregnant.
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    part of the vulva's job is to form a tight seal to keep bacteria out of the repro tract. during heat and prior to foaling the vulva begins to soften and elongate. but each mare's conformation is different. for example, normally, the straight slope of the vulva prevents manure from getting into the repro tract. on an older mare gravity starts to be an enemy and cause everything to suck in which makes the vulva begin to slope more causing bacteria to get in and make a difficult breeding environment. what i mean to say is that age changes the look as well as whether she's in heat, pregnant or close to foaling. also, mares follow their own patterns and may or may not show the same signs as her neighbor.
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