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Discuss Impact Gel and new white hairs on back....saddle rubs! at the Tack & Equipment forum - Horse Forums.

When i bought my horse two years ago she had two very distinct white marks ...
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    Full Member gottaquarter's Avatar
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    Sep 2008

    Impact Gel and new white hairs on back....saddle rubs!

    When i bought my horse two years ago she had two very distinct white marks on both sides of her withers from what I'm sure was a saddle that wasn't a good fit. Once I got her I went out and bought an impact gel pad and was very careful to get a saddle that i thought fit. Within weeks the white marks disappeared. Now all of a sudden I'm noticing white hairs on one side and a small patch on the other that im sure are rubs, but Im just wondering, aren't these impact gels supposed to hold up for a long time? I need to mention that my daughter has been working on her lope when she rides, about 2-3 times a week, for maybe 30 minutes (we have used her to trail ride mostly, but now want to focus on western pleasure and have gotten her canter to a slower lope after practice) Is it possible that somehow the faster gait is causing the rubs? Im really upset about all this, I can't really afford a new pad, but Im starting to obsess over making the rubs worse. Im just wondering if this is possible, and aren't the better pads supposed to prevent this, especially if they have been rub free for 18 months?? Looking for some opinions, not sure what i need to do. Im just totally perplexed, thanks!!

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    Jun 2008
    It is very possible that now that you are doing arena work, her muscle development is changing and the saddle no longer fits like it did 6 months ago. I'd venture to say that a saddle fitting thread would REALLY help you, like post pics and have others critique. Many members on here are very good!
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