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Discuss I need a barn name for my cute new filly at the Horse Names forum - Horse Forums.

My loud overo mare had a cute filly on 4/15 and I am having a ...
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    Apr 2008

    I need a barn name for my cute new filly

    My loud overo mare had a cute filly on 4/15 and I am having a hard time coming up with original barn names. I don't want to use something that has been too common. She is a solid sorrel possible red dun but I would know exactly until she sheds out her foal coat.

    All suggestions appericated,


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    Sep 2007
    Okay I have a ton:

    RhythmRiptide Encore Mirage Rhythm Twister Triumph Enchant Falcon VisionFocus Jaws Promise Riptide Tangent Riot Tempest Legacy Victory Legend Tempo Encore Fresca Tilt Echo Jet Shocker Jinx Ghost Phantom Arrow Athena Kudos Persephone MelodyChelsea Amazon Cheyenne Lucy Mouse Tully Holly Duchess Twister Titania Twilight Skye Flash Belle Dazzle Fancy Stormy Smokey Tizzy Pebbles Dizzy Glacier Foxy Citrus Gypsy Whisper Chai Silky Misty Cupid Fantasy Spice Spider Glory Rain Charisma Cloud Tessera Calypso Kiwi Ziggy Ivy Extreme

    I recently almost purchased another horse and was coming up with names, so these were some I thought of =) A couple might be listed twice, I dunno...

    P.S. the mare and the filly are both adorable!
    Last edited by shyxpony; 04-29-2008 at 05:58 AM.

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    Apr 2008
    ok, whant some you never heard befor I can do that! jey!
    Blesa (*that word for the white thingy on her face*) Bera (the one who carries) Vina (girlfriend/friendly) Sol (pronunced like "soul" but means "sun") Vinda (fast/vindy) Gotta (good)

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    Live to Ride - Ride to Live
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