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Discuss How To Tell If A Mare Is In Foal??????? at the Horse Breeding forum - Horse Breeding Forums.

Hi, I have 3 mustangs, 2 are geldings, 1 a mare. I have had them ...
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    How To Tell If A Mare Is In Foal???????

    I have 3 mustangs, 2 are geldings, 1 a mare. I have had them about 2 1/2 months. When I got them, I was told the mare was in foal, but since she was so malnurished she may have lost it. So we began to feed her mare and foal food, but since she was supposed to have it in May and never did we took her off it.

    Since then 2 people that own horses have came over to see how the horses are looking and they both asked if she was in foal and I told them the same above.
    These 2 think she is in foal.
    So my question is.....
    This mare was so thin you could see her back bone and ribs and had no meat on her butt, she has gained weight and she has a really big belly. I have thought all the while she was in foal but my husband disagreed.
    Anyway, now she is filling out all over and her stomach seems to be getting closer to the ground. She isn't pointing, but she is round with a tiny point.
    Some days she looks pregnant other days she just looks fat.
    We have been watching her udder, but after she didn't do anything in May I quit, but my husband is now saying her udder was never that full.
    If she is in foal I don't think she is in her 10th month yet because of the size, do you think she could be close to foaling and because of how skinny she was just won't get as big as other mares?
    Also, when we went to pick her out, the lady had 2 horses that were 4 weeks away of giving birth and you could definately tell they were, but they were not malnurished.
    If anyone can help me out on this I would appreciate it as we are not ready for a baby now.

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    Call your vet--he would be the best qualified-

    Good Luck.

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    I already have, he won't come look at her because she isn't broke yet. You can touch her for maybe 3 seconds. We are still working with her, and that is why it is so important for us to know whether or not she is in foal.

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    Call around..get another vet out there. Try and put a halter on her that fits well and just leave it on so that you can get a lead on. Once the lead is on it will be easier to touch her although she will still put up a fight. The vet will probably have to sedate or twich her, but the only way to find out if she is really preggers or not is to get a vet check
    One man's wrong lead is another man's counter-canter.

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    I think my question was answered... you adopted them wild right? They're from the BLM, not a rescue or private owner?

    I would think the BLM would have guess how far along she might have been... they wouldn't have known for sure. Also since she was underweight she might not be showing... My neighbor's Appaloosa mare went 2 months overdue and still hardly looked pregnant! So, I would keep an eye on her, get a vet out and be prepared...

    You've had her over 2 months? How far along is she? Can you handle her at all? She still has a halter on right?
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    Not exactly, they are still pretty much wild but not straight from the wild.
    She was a rescue from an auction. The lady that originally got her couldn't keep her so she took her to her mothers. Her mother got sick and didn't feed the horses like she was supposed to. Anyway, the original lady had 10 of these mustangs and because they were so neglected she gave them away. I took 3 of them. 2 were orignally with someone else then came back to the lady, but Taffie had been out there in that field for years with other horses, not much human contact.
    The lady I got her from said she knew she bred with her stallion and she should produce a paint in April or May. Well we looked at Taffie in April and decided to take her then. She was loaded with lice and probably about 300-500 pounds underweight. The lady kept her until she got rid of the lice and kept her until she gained some weight. When we got her she was still a bag of bones. When she brought her to me I asked if she still thought she was pregnant and she said honestly she wasn't sure because she was soooo thin she may had lost it, just keep my eye on her and if we don't get anything in May then assume she isn't.
    She has not had much interaction with humans, so we are just taking it slow with her, she does take treats out of our hands and occassionally would allow us to rub her nose or neck, but she is VERY head shy. There is no way of getting a halter on her, I just got a fly mask on the docil gelding and am trying on her, but I can't get a halter on her to hold her still.
    I really do not want to twitch her as she already does not trust humans. The vet said that he could sedate her but it would have to be IV and that is just impossible.
    Anyway, even if she shows a little less than most horses because she is thinner, I know it would only be about 1 1/2 month late and you all say that is possible, but I am just worried about her. The vet said to up her food just in case and we have done that.
    I cannot keep my hand on her for more than 5 seconds, she is a sweety of a horse, she just needs to learn to trust us, she does come to the fence to see what we are doing when we are outside, she isn't real stand offish or anything like that, but she keeps everything but her nose away from you..lol
    Also, I have noticed in the past 3 days, she now has a crease on her side, not all the time, maybe when she breathes or something but it looks like it goes in somewhat at the end of her ribcage. And she has big veins on her belly. First it was 1 now there are 2, someone else told me that is a sign of pregnancy also, the boys don't have that, of course they don't have udders either, so I wasn't sure if the vein was on all mares or just her..lol And she is standing with her back legs farther apart, I don't know what is up with that, that just started this week also.
    I have looked up about heat too, I don't think I have noticed her doing anything that would make me think that also.
    OH, and something else. Looking at some pix on the internet, her, umm, I don't know what you call it, but where the baby would come (vagina) is really long, not like the other pix I have seen, does this mean she has had a foal before?
    Well sorry for this long post. I just want to make sure I do everything right so she (and baby if there is one) remain healthy.

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    Smile Try a human pregnancy test

    If she isn't the most sociable of beings, then to go down to a Pharmacy and get yourself a home pregnancy test (for humans). Observe her, then try to catch some of her urine in a bowl or something, and perform the test. the hcg in human and horses is the same, so the test shall read positive if indeed she is pregnant

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    That is COMPLETELY wrong. HCG Is HUMAN chorionic gonadotropin, and NOT what horses have. Human pregnancy tests do NOT work in horses.

    BTW, this thread is 6 years old.
    CheyAut Ranch
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwells0326 View Post
    the hcg in human and horses is the same
    No, it's not. hCG is HUMAN chorionic gonadotropin.

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    Coleta, IL
    LOL! I didn't even realize the thread was that old!

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