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Discuss How to eliminate urine smell in stalls? at the Horse Breeding forum - Horse Breeding Forums.

What is the best product to use for eliminating urine smell in stalls? Right now ...
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    Senior Member ImDunToImpress's Avatar
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    Nov 2008

    How to eliminate urine smell in stalls?

    What is the best product to use for eliminating urine smell in stalls?

    Right now we are bringing my mare in nightly, preparing her for foaling. She is peeing more and more frequently, and it is HOT and MUGGY season here so naturally, the stall is starting to stink. We have rubber mats in the stall. I know there is lime available, but I am looking for something that is FOAL SAFE...is lime dust foal safe? Or what product works best for putting under the shavings and that is safe in case the foal tries to eat it?
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    Senior Member+ TinRoses's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
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    ugh the rotten egg smell of urine under stall mats is horrible.

    Be sure to lift the mats and check for maggots. That's another HUGE problem I've run into in the past and can seriously contribute to the odor!

    Baking soda is a huge odor killer and ammonia neutralizer and it's definitely safe to be around foals. I'd lift your mats, check for maggots, clean out under there a bit since urine will sink in through the cracks, lay down a TON of baking soda/lime under there and use baking soda daily in your stall.

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    Senior Member+ Nakoda's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
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    Subscribing... My mare spent the night with me a week ago and the carport still smells (City Life)
    Quote Originally Posted by nicz2cu View Post
    I'm waiting firmy blanett odry ans deeing duubbol,,I steyedup to long. I luv ambiemk , where;smy cloud I need ti beolayin on. I gottago niteynnight,
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    Junior Member
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    Jul 2010
    Everything TinRoses said plus at least two stall fans to keep air moving. The Amonia is going to be really harmful to your horses feet and airways too.

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    Jan 2007
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    Baking Soda - you can get HUGE boxes of it at Sam's Club or resturant supply places fairly cheap.

    I like Stall Dry better than Sweet PDZ but it's not bad at all. I will not use lime.

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    Senior Member+
    Appylvr's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    I don't know how foal safe it is.... but my friend swears by Dry Stall.
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    Senior Member+
    prettyqtrs's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    We just use barn lime that we get in 40 lb (I think) bags from out local co-op. We've never had any issues with it and the barn/stalls don't stink. We bed the stalls well, so they really don't come into contact with the barn lime. We've never ever had any problems with any of the horses, or any of the foals we raise. And they (mares with foals) are stalled nightly.

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    Senior Member+
    Lacys Mom's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    I've never tried Stall Dry (in fact never heard of it til above) but I do prefer Sweet Pdz to lime, and I prefer Sweet Pdz Original Powder to the granular form. I've used baking soda, too, but I like Sweet Pdz better for stalls.
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    Mar 2010
    Why are you bringing the mare in? She's much better off foaling outside. It's cleaner, the air is far fresher.

    Just curious.
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    Senior Member below_gravity's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Jutland, NJ
    I really like Sweet PDZ. I actually use it for my chicken coop http://www.sweetpdz.com/

    Spreadling lime also works (and is cheaper but more corrosive on concrete floors )

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