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Discuss How to build a goat shelter????? at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

I need to build an outdoor shed for my goats ( one pygmy and two ...
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    How to build a goat shelter?????

    I need to build an outdoor shed for my goats ( one pygmy and two nubians ). I need to build it seperate from the barn, so like an outdoor stand-alone stall. I just need some info, tips and plans for it. If you find plans without a door, that is fine, I can always add a door, but I am not finding ANYTHING for these goats! I need it fairly quickly, because they are tearing up the stall they are in....I also do not want to spend thousands on it either. Thanks in advance!

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    Mine have access to the barn, so that's where they sleep and go to get out of the weather.

    You could probably build one pretty cheap with some plywood, and wooden posts. Make sure it has a slanted roof tho. Lots of bedding too, because mine just love sleeping on shavings or straw. If all you have is 3 goats, it wouldn't need to be very big at all, as they like to huddle together.
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