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Discuss How many tons of hay for 1 horse ? at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Okay it's been a while since i've had a horse so I was wondering about ...
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    Jul 2009

    How many tons of hay for 1 horse ?

    Okay it's been a while since i've had a horse so I was wondering about how many tons of hay should I need for the winter ? We're down to 1 horse she's around 700 maybe 800lb's . Right now I'm looking into some straight alfalfa or some alfalfa / grass in case that makes a difference .

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    NE or KY per time of year
    Are you getting small squares, big rounds, small rounds, or large squares? I can give you numbers of bales for each if you would like...

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    since i feed my horses 15-20lb. of grass/alfalfa each a day that would mean they need uh..450-600lb each. a month. of course there is 2000lb. in ton so you would need about a ton every 3-4 months per horse. i don't know how long your winters are,but maybe this will help.

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    I feed 60# timothy bales from the pacific north west. It takes 3 ton to feed my horse for a year. It all depends on your horse and the weather you have. I have an semi easy keeper, but get up to a week at a time of -40f. It also depends on if you free feed. If not, 1# hay per 100# body weight two times a day, so 16#, round to 20# a day times 30 is 480# per month or 10 60# bales a month, times however many months make up winter in your area. I would add an extra 10% to cover extra cold days.

    Hope this helps and has not thrown you for a loop. (Or made you loopy)
    Dawn W

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