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Discuss how long will a puncture wound stay swollen at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

it has been almost a month and my mares, back right fetlock is still swollen, ...
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    Jun 2006

    how long will a puncture wound stay swollen

    it has been almost a month and my mares, back right fetlock is still swollen, she is actually walking on it real good know, when she stands she lifts it up, but she walks fine with a small limp. She was not eating and loosing weight but shes eating agin, and actually gaining weight. I do not know what she hit it on, to cause a puncture wound as she was in a stall, and was kicking the stalls. We have been wrapping it and cold hosing it and adding epsom salt, and alot of the swelling has gone down it was like the size of a softball we were thinking it was more like a fracture or splint or something but its just a puncture wound.

    What should I do at this point should I continue soaking it, and cold hosing, and wrapping it. anything to put on it. It has not heat so i dont think its swollen.

    Any help would be great!!!! Thanks

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    I hope that you have had the vet out to see it. With a puncture wound there will often be something left inside the wound that can continue to cause infection.

    It sounds to me that this could be case if it is still swollen and the horse is lame on it after this amount of time.
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    I think I would call the vet and just ask him. I wouldnt think you would have to wrap it any more if the wound is healed. But if she is still limping at all that would scare me. So my advise is the vet. Hope she get better!

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    I would certainly have the vet out. Punctures are not something to mess with. Not only can foreign objects get and stay lodged in there, but infection can set in either VERY quickly, or can fester in there for a bit before becoming full-fledged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mare
    I think I would call the vet and just ask him. I wouldnt think you would have to wrap it any more if the wound is healed. But if she is still limping at all that would scare me. So my advise is the vet. Hope she get better!
    Puncture wounds need to heal from the inside out, so if it looks healed on the outside, but is still swollen I would guess that it's not healed on the inside and a vet will need to open it up to let it drain and heal properly.

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    Jul 2006
    Did you flush this puncture out daily with a providine solution? It could be abcessing. However, large wounds can take months to heal.

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    Did the puncture enter the joint?

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    Robin- as evryone said, don't mess with a puncture wound- when whatever punctured the site, as it 'pulled out', the tissues immediately 'closed' around where the object went in, essentially sealing the bacteria 'in'. When you irrigated the wound, you weren't able to get deep into the site, because the tissues were already 'squeezed' back together, and the solution that you irrigated with just reached the first part of the puncture wound, not all the way in. So if infection has begun, it is trapped inside- it does not have a way to ooze out of that 'puncture' site. It sounds like it might be near a joint, and if that joint/bone becomes infected (osteo), they are usually harder to heal than just plain tissue. A month is a long time- any simple infection should be cleared up by now. But don't panic either- it might be easy to clear up with proper care. It will be cheaper to have the vet care for it now- if you wait until it is a big mess, it will be expensive, and probably painful, which you don't want your horse to go through. ( it sounds like it might already be a bit painful, if she is lifting her leg, or is she just resting it like the other side?)

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    I really hope that you had the vet out as soon as this happened. Puncture wounds are not something to mess with at all, especially if it was any where near a joint.
    We just dealt with a puncture wound that seemed benign from the outside, but had we waited another hour to get him to the vet, he probably would have been put down.

    If it is still swollen, even if the horse is not lame, chances are there is an infection in the wound, and maybe even a foreign object. You need to get your horse to the vet ASAP and have it irrigated and put antibiotics. Hopefully it's not too late.
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    Apr 2006
    Please read my thread..."dont underestimate anything"

    This puncture wound turned out to be a broken splint bone, that was hugely infected and needs major surgery...please get your vet to look at it, I beg you

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