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Discuss Horses with 4 white legs? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Hi everyone! So my dad is CONVINCED that any horse with 4 white legs has ...
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    Nov 2011

    Horses with 4 white legs?

    Hi everyone!
    So my dad is CONVINCED that any horse with 4 white legs has soft feet/hooves. I don't think hes right but he could be. If you guys could help me out with the correct information and facts, that would be awesome! So please let me know!

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    Senior Member APHAPtHA's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    The Pacific Northwest! Blech!
    People have told me this to so I asked my farrier. I never believed it to start with and he said its not true! Interested to see what others think!
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    It's an old wives tale.
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    Senior Member+ TheBombDotCom's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    I've heard that about white HOOVES not legs.... My horse has 4 white legs.

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    Senior Member+ Alpha App's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Old wives tail.

    My appy has 2 white and 2 black hooves and he's NEVER had any hoof/leg problems.

    My rocky mtn/pinto has 4 white legs and his rear hooves wear unevenly-but that's due to his confo, NOT hooves.

    My shetland has 4 black hooves and is the only one out of the bunch who has thrush problems!
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    Mar 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by TheBombDotCom View Post
    I've heard that about white HOOVES not legs.... My horse has 4 white legs.
    Well if they have 4 white legs they should have 4 white hooves.

    It isn't true; I don't know the history behind how the story came to be.

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    Senior Member ElizabethM's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Old wives tale. There is an old saying, something about one white leg buy him, two white legs try him, three white legs deny him, 4 white legs is something about sending him for glue... don't quite remember it, but just a silly superstition.

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    Oct 2009
    Pine Knoll Shores, NC
    Not true.
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    Full Member horseflyer's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Wouldn't you like to know.
    I agree with all previous statements above. My current mare has 4 pink hooves and every farrier I have had out to trim her feet have commented on how tuff her feet are and I have always kept her barefoot and never had any problem with chipping or cracking. Even when trail riding her.

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    Oct 2006
    NW MO
    This has its basis in centuries gone by, when horses were used daily, for everything. Roads were not paved, so not only were work horses in mud but so were the carriage and riding horses. Towns particularly were bad on the streets as the streets spent quite a bit of time muddy. Horses, being in the mud so much more then, would see a difference in the white versus black hooves, whether they were shod or not. Stalls were many times deep in manure and dirty straw and mud.

    And the great majority of the horses then, were operating on minimal feed, sparse grazing, and worm loads too. Vetting did not have CBC's then, much less anything else we take for granted now. So would stand to reason may have shown up in the white feet first, hence the saying 1 white foot buy him, 2 white feet try him, 3 white feet deny him, 4 white feet and white on the nose? Knock him in the head and feed him to the crows.
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