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Discuss Horses per acre in YOUR state/county/township at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Arizona is one of the weirdest states I have ever heard of. It depends on ...
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    Senior Member+ StarfireArizona's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Arizona Desert
    Arizona is one of the weirdest states I have ever heard of. It depends on whether you live in a township or county....and if in a township, it depends where in town you live. In my town, it was just changed from 3 to 2 horses per acre. In these areas, other livestock is not allowed. Luckily my parents property is slightly over 1 acre so we are grandfathered for the 3 and the overage covers us technically for the 4.

    But there are areas where the sky is the limit, and you can have anything on four legs or with feathers. I pass by a horrible house every trip to my barn....and they have many horses, cows, steer & sheep crowded into tiny pens where all they can do is stand or lay. I have already called the livestock inspector, and she is aware of this location, but so far they aren't doing anything wrong....and she does keep tabs on them. Oh and even with 115-120 degree searing sun during the summer, NO shelter is required. An awful lot of animal suffer down here in the "old west"
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    redhorseridge's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    South central PA
    These are township ordinances -- everything in PA is township, not county.

    For commercial livestock (defined as 25+ horses, 25+ cattle, 25+ swine, 20K+ non-turkey poultry, 25+ sheep/veal, 500 turkeys), one must have at least 20 acres; non-commercial, at least two acres.

    Animals with an average adult weight under 10 pounds are permitted at a density of 12 per acre; between 10 and 200 pounds are two per acre; over 200 pounds are one per acre.

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    Senior Member+ crayon's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    I'm pretty sure there is no limit here. As long as your land is registered and the livestock inspector passes you, you're fine. (And as long as you don't mind her randomly walking into your pasture to inspect while you're not home. )
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    Oct 2009
    We called 2 years ago I believe and they said 1 horse for the first acre then no more than 100 per acre after that....

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    Jul 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheyenne1193 View Post
    We called 2 years ago I believe and they said 1 horse for the first acre then no more than 100 per acre after that....

    100 per acre? Can you say packed like sardines?
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    Sep 2006
    There don't seem to be many limits here. I saw a house for sale in a small neighboring town, and it had 0.6 acres and allowed 2 horses, but that was grandfathered in. I could not imagine keeping anything bigger than a goat on .6 acres.

    It seems that anything bigger than 3/4 acre here is allowed to have horses, but I don't know what the limit is. Homes on acre lots are usually advertised as "horse property." I do know that my boarding stable only has about 5 acres, and there are about 15 horses there, and they plan to add more. It's too tight for my tastes, but property is expensive close to town.
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    Aug 2005
    I'm in San Diego county, but our Homeowners Association says 1.5 horses per acre, so we can have four horses here.

    But, when we move into our new house...it's 2.5 acres. I'm not sure what San Diego county is itself.

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    Oct 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyHorse View Post

    100 per acre? Can you say packed like sardines?
    Hahaha I know it! We were shocked... we made sure to reassure them we wouldn't have that many

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    bay_blnd jmpr07's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    Epping, NH
    In my town for horses at least it's 1 acre for the first horse and then 1/2 acre for every additional horse. But your horse doesn't have to have access to all of it.
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    Mar 2008
    We live in IL and it must be decided by the county? We looked at horse property by DeKalb and we were restricted to 2 horses on 5 acres --the ordinance actually said 1 horse per 2 acres--so unless we could find 1/2 horse somewhere : )
    I know people who have 3 horses on 2 acres but not near DeKalb!

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