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Discuss Horse's habits? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

I think different horses have different habits. Some horses are easy-going and some are not. ...
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    Full Member angel lily's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
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    Horse's habits?

    I think different horses have different habits.
    Some horses are easy-going and some are not.
    so I want to know what kind of behavior or habits does a horse have?
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    Jan 2010
    My horse has a habit of holding her right front leg up in the air and pawing when she gets excited for dinner.

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    Chester's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    lost in a fog
    Lilly, for a person who has never seen a horse you are learning fast.

    Horses are like people. They all have their own personalities.

    We had one horse that would follow you around like a dog everytime you were out with them.
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    Jan 2009
    Middle Tennessee
    Food allergies can also drive certain types of behavioral habits.

    One of my horses has a sugar & starch intolerance so he does not get oats and corn. I also discovered he is soy intolerant when I took away the vitamin/mineral supplement that uses soy as its protein source and replaced it with a soy-free vitamin/mineral supplement.

    Like people, some horses are Hyper-tensive Type A personalities and need to be on the move all the time (these horses do not do well being stalled for long periods of time). Others are more laid back.

    Some horses are just born with a lot of "spook" in them, while others are absolutely fearless. I have one of each of those, and two others that are in the middle of that spectrum.

    While good diet can't prevent a lot of bad habits from occuring, it plays a huge role in keeping them in control. I would have argued that thought until about 10 years ago and have gotten a lot smarter about diet & attitude when the horse in my avatar was formally diagnosed as insulin resistant three years ago.

    I ended up changing everyone's diet because of him and the behaviour results were amazing and all beneficial.

    Hope this helps at least from one perspective

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    Senior Member+ daisykristy's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    NORTH Bahahahahahahaha!
    My horse (Gypsy horse, gelding) seems more interested in people than in other horses. He has his own moods, but the trait I enjoy the most about him is the way he acts coy and aloof when I'm grooming him or if I'm out with him while he's grazing... but I know he's watching me all the time - when he wants attention, he's the most lovable beast on the planet. he "horse hugs", nuzzles and stands over you when he's resting (if you are sitting on the ground or in a chair) I love the big, hairy goofball.

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    Full Member Squeak's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Northeast, Ohio
    They are all so different, i have 5.

    My Tina is lazy, unless she's protesting something. She is the one that I cannot catch in the pasture. She practically hates me because i make her listen, but she loves my boyfriend. She was a bit loony when we got her, so i consider all of this an improvement. She's very spooky and suspicious. Her bad habit is turning away from me in the pasture but letting my boyfriend get her in the first try.

    Socks is in my pocket, follows me around like a lost puppy in the pasture, will let me do anything to her without blinking an eye. She is calm, affectionate, and adorable! She is tiny, and has the pony personality. She isn't spooky at all and she's only 4.

    Cosmo is curious, mouthy, and goofy! He even looks goofy. He's only two so he's allowed. He's kinda spooky, but it only startles him and once he realizes it's "okay" he calms right down. He is very willing and smart, he absorbs learning new things quickly. He unties my shoes.

    Evie is full of attitude, Alpha mare, stubborn and pushy. She's also only 2. She is very spooky, snotty, and suspicious of everything new. But once you establish a dominant roll with her she's cuddly and sweet.

    Floyd is just awesome. Been there done that horse, he's a little nervous (not spooky) if something startles him, but if i say it's okay, he's fine. He is expressive and affectionate.

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    Senior Member jackandlylah's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Jack was reliable, a very dependable horse, he would try 110% with anything, although he wasn't particularly brave, and would happily turn around and run for the hills if something scared him, haha. He had barely any fight in him and just wanted to please. I sometimes got the feeling he didn't enjoy his work though - like he would try to please you, but he really just didn't want to be there. He'd rather be eating grass although he wasn't a gutsy horse. He was picky about his food, a bit high maintenece and 'girly'. Whenever I would pick up his back feet he had a weird habit of like stretching them around, lol. I think he'd always rather a horse's company than a human, even though he was the bottom of he pecking order. He was a sook he loved carrots and apples but not bread. I miss him
    Gulliver - 8 year old OTTB 16.3hh
    Somewhere behind the rider you've become, the hours of practice you've put in, and the coaches that have pushed you, is the little girl who fell in love with horses and never looked back. Ride for her.

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    Senior Member jackandlylah's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Some other weird horsey habits-
    1. Pepsi, a paint gelding, used to trot around with his face almosssst touching the ground. Not trained that way, just a thing he would do.
    2. Jetson had a weird head shaking habit when he was bored under saddle... he's a 19 year old lesson horse.
    3. Velvet, QH cross mare, squeals like a stallion all the time, haha
    4. Spunky, paint gelding, will squeal and starting bucking and flipping about, for seemingly no reason at all, when he's standing in the paddock or somewhere quiet, completely still. I suspect an ulcer
    5. Yolanda, friesan filly, is the weirdest horse I've ever come across. She still spooks at things every day even when she's seen them every day of her life. She will not be asked, she always wants her own way, yet once you are boss she becomes sweet, willing and submissive. Hand her over to someone else and she becomes pushy, spooky and just flips about the place with the handler hanging off the end of the lead rope. Very food oriented
    6. Splash, paint gelding, hated sheep.

    Gulliver - 8 year old OTTB 16.3hh
    Somewhere behind the rider you've become, the hours of practice you've put in, and the coaches that have pushed you, is the little girl who fell in love with horses and never looked back. Ride for her.

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    Full Member TheCowgirlRanda's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    My horse has a huge personality. Snow is all about food, if you have your hands in your pockets then she is right there wondering if you are going to pull out a treat, if you are walking she will walk right in front of you and cut you off until you let her know that "no I don't have anything edible for you" after she eats ANYTHING she sucks her tongue, she literally sticks her tongue out and sucks on it, it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. she is spooky but will basically make sure that you are okay with whatever the monster is. she hates Llamas!!!!! they are her worst enemy.

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    Senior Member JennyR's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Land of the Long White Cloud
    My Arabian gelding has a truck load. If you don't go to him first in the paddock he will shove you in the back - just in case you haven't noticed him. That is after he has stood by the gate and yelled at you. He likes to carry sticks around the paddock, but that expensive horse-ball is just not right for that game.

    He likes to play with the clip on the lead rope and try and catch the halter in his mouth. He will gently hold onto your sleeve if he is unsure of something and if he is really worried about something he drops his lower eyelid so you can see the red bit.

    They are just some of the little things that make him, him and I wouldn't have him any other way.

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