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Discuss horseback riding and kidney stones at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

back in april I rode my friends horse after not riding at all in over ...
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    Dec 2008
    silverdale Washington

    horseback riding and kidney stones

    back in april I rode my friends horse after not riding at all in over 6 months and the morning after my ride I had a kidney stone and had to go to the er.

    Now I have a horse to ride for free. I rode him on the 26th and then again on wednesday and as soon as I got off my back started hurting and right away I knew that I had dropped another stone. I went to the er and got some pain meds.

    I stayed home on thursday but rode today and my back started hurting again. I'm not sure I passed the stone from wednesday so I'm drinking a lot of water and taking flomex.

    Going to talk to my urologist about getting the other stones blasted.

    Does horseback riding make stones drop? I just find it odd that the 2 times I've had kidney stones was right after I rode.

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    I was born with bad kidneys and my urologist has a fit that I ride......apparently riding does cause the kidneys to move around in the abdominal cavity so it is possible that the stones move. If you have not been advised to drink lots of cranberry juice, studies have shown that it does help prevent kidney stones. Look for 100% cranberry juice and drink several glasses full per day. It also helps with UTIs......
    ....I'm sorry to say you are setting yourself up for total failure trying to keep this lot on topic --Maisie
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    I developed kidney stones during pregnancy when I had my daughter thirteen years ago. One passed, but there were others still in my kidneys. They're still there.

    My urologist said they could drop anytime or never. His advice was to limit things like pop (I used to be a Mountain Dew addict.) He said if I drink a glass of tea to drink the same amount of water before drinking more tea.... same for coffee or pop. So that is what I've tried to do, and I haven't passed another stone since, and I've ridden quite a bit. I do have back pain, but I don't credit my kidneys for it.

    My dad's family seems to be prone to stones. I don't know if it because of the amount of soda they drink, but it could be. My grandfather had stones all the time. We found out after he died unexpectedly from heart failure that frequent kidney stones can be a sign of heart problems.
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