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Discuss Horse trailer height at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

I have been looking at getting a horse trailer, but I have a question. I ...
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    Senior Member stb_chance's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Horse trailer height

    I have been looking at getting a horse trailer, but I have a question. I was wondering what height would be good for my 16 hand thoroughbred? I found a really nice featherlite stock trailer in my price range that I love, but it is 6'6" tall and I am not sure if this would be tall enough. Do you think it would work for my horse or should I hold out for a 7 foot trailer? Here is a picture of my horse D next to me and I am 5'8" tall.
    Mods, if this is not in the correct section feel free to move it.
    In IHSA why does the tallest rider always get the smallest pony?
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    Senior Member+ chocchipcookie's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
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    A lot of people will disagree with me, but I pull my 16hh horses in a trailer the same height and it's fine.
    I'd love a taller float but it works. The only times it's been iffy is when the horse has issues loading and has decided to rear halfway up the ramp.
    Live for today, we'll dream tomorrow.

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    Senior Moderator
    Sandra-A1's Avatar
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    Aug 2003


    Always buy a trailer that is 7' or taller if you can afford it. I am of the opinion that the taller trailers do not depreciate like the shorter trailers do.

    I go by the following when selecting trailer height and size.....

    An inside width of 6' (a trailer quoted as having a 6' width may vary by a few inches) with a height of 7' (square sided roof rather than rounded), and a total stall length of 10', will fit a horse from about 14 hands up to about 16 hands.
    Add 2" to the roof (7'6"), and the horse can be up to 16-3 hands.
    From 16-3 hands up to 17 hands, you should add another 2" (7'8") to the height, and 6" to the length from butt to breast and 6" to head area (11' total stall), or just add 1' to the head area depending on the "butt to breast" size of your horse.

    I prefer a straight load trailer myself, however some people do like a slant load. My advise if purchasing a slant load is to take a tape measure with you to be sure about the size of the "inside" of the trailer you are interested in purchasing.

    The smaller the horse, the better it will fit in a slant load trailer.

    Most slant loads will not fit horses over 15-3 hands comfortably.
    Most slant loads that quote 10 to 11 feet on the diagonal (far corner to far corner) will, in reality, will have stall lengths that are only be 8 to 8 feet long (measure down the center).
    Some slant loads purport that they have warm blood size stalls, but the only way a slant load can fit larger horses (since there are legal limits to how wide a trailer can be, and there are wheel wells in all stalls up to 4 horses) is to widen the stall, or take out a divider. When this is done, a horse can stand more front to back.
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    Senior Member+ Dusty1979's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    Minnesota (rural area)
    I would say that your horse would be more comfortable with the 7' height. My gray gelding is 16hh and our trailer is 7' high. This gives him plenty of head room.

    That being said, back in our younger, not so wise days we hauled a 16hh horse with a 6' stock trailer. The horse loaded and traveled fine, but on our yearly three hour haul up north, he would stress colic.

    It may depend upon how comfortable your horse is with being hauled to begin with. Then, how long the trips that you normally make are. Some horses are just better at coping with the stress of hauling than others.

    Is there some way you could load your horse in this trailer to see how he "fits"? That may help to make your decision.

    Good luck with finding the trailer to meet your needs.

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    Senior Member+
    Xiphias's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Maryland, horse country USA
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    I'd go with a 7 ft one also...my two horse stock was 7 ft. tall and 6 wide, plenty of room for any size horse...

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    Senior Member stb_chance's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Thank you all very much for the advice. Uugh, if only this trailer weren't perfect in every other way. I will keep holding out until I find the perfect trailer. If anyone is looking for a trailer for smaller horses in northwest PA let me know and I will send you the info on this one.
    In IHSA why does the tallest rider always get the smallest pony?
    *Proud Member of the Thoroughbred Club*

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