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Discuss Horse hauling rates - question at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

How much does a typical horse hauler charge to haul 170 miles from Tennessee to ...
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    Jul 2004

    Horse hauling rates - question

    How much does a typical horse hauler charge to haul 170 miles from Tennessee to Georgia? Anyone got any ideas? Is there a cheaper option that you can think of?

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    Apr 2005
    Figure on about 1.10-1.50 a mile for a short haul like that. Might see if one of your friends might do it cheaper.

    If you're trying to arrange transport for a horse you're considering buying- negotiate with the seller to see if you can have it included in the price or a small fee. When I bought my first horse, I offered them their full asking price if they'd haul him 3 hours to MO for me.

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    They have a quote section!!

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