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Discuss Holding the tail up? at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Some horses do swish their tail when they're stressed. But more often it is when ...
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    Some horses do swish their tail when they're stressed. But more often it is when they're in pain. Since lunging causes all sorts or pressures/strains that aren't exactly natural, I'd be more inclined to link it to pain/discomfort rather than 'just' stress. (I say 'just' as pain/discomfort does cause a stress reaction in horses.) It could well also be the reason that he doesn't like to lunge.

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    Mine does it all the time, but most notably when we are going from a lope to a walk. it's almost like he does it to stretch his back out or something
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    Thanks dawn, and everybody else. He is still off on his knee sometimes due to an old injury, so lunginging is most likley painfull for him now that you mention it.
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    When all of our horses, the TB down to the minis, get really excited, they stick their tail straight up, like it's set.
    When they are feeling good, they'll hold their tail up, like Scout does.
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