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Discuss Hard, Contracted Frog at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

What can you do to get it 'back to normal' or as 'back to normal' ...
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    Hard, Contracted Frog

    What can you do to get it 'back to normal' or as 'back to normal' as you can?
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    Your horse's frogs are hard and contracted because his heels are high and contracted. Fix the feet and you get frogs as healthy as they can be based on the optimal health of the foot.
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    Yup...what JB said. The frog is generally a reflection of the rest of the hoof. Contracted frog=contracted hoof. The frog needs to make ground contact to function properly...it needs to function properly to have optimal health. If the heels are too high, the frog can't touch the ground...if the heels are contracted, the frog can't function normally and becomes contracted along with the rest of the hoof. This in turn, can cause issues with the internal structures. Generally, an unhealthy frog=an unhealthy digital cushion.

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