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Discuss Gaited Saddle by Montana Mountain Horse at the Horse Classifieds forum - Horse Forums.

http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/grd/1455323664.html WESTERN SADDLE FOR GAITED HORSE - $350 (GLASSPORT) Date: 2009-11-07, 9:18AM EST Reply to: ...
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    Gaited Saddle by Montana Mountain Horse


    Date: 2009-11-07, 9:18AM EST
    Reply to: sale-g952x-1455323664@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

    I purchased this saddle new from Mountain Horse, Inc. a little over 2 yrs. ago for my Tennessee Walker. This saddle has walking horse bars and has a 15 1/2 in. seat. It is a Go Lite Gaited Saddle. The round skirt and fenders are cordura. The saddle weights around 19 lbs. and is in excellent condition. I did not use it most of this summer as I now have an Aussie saddle. This saddle has been kept indoors and on a saddle rack at all times and is well taken care of. On the picture there is a brown shadow from the lighting but the saddle is all black and very nicely tooled. I will throw in the blanket too. Leather stirrups go with the saddle not the endurance ones shown in the picture on my horse.

    No affiliation. Just happened to see the ad.

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    Wow, great price for a gaited saddle.

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    Thanks for posting this TC, this is in my town, and it sure seemed to be a great deal!
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