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Discuss Frequent Urination at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

I noticed my gelding Max last week having some very frequent urination - he peed ...
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    May 2008

    Frequent Urination

    I noticed my gelding Max last week having some very frequent urination - he peed about 6 times within a 2 hour period, which I feel is pretty excessive. He then continued to stretch out periodically and very little amounts of urine would be excreted. I gave him some banamine because I suspected he might be colicky, and it resolved with no further issues.
    Tonight one of the horses at my barn (Scooter) did not eat his dinner and we were concerned. His temperature at 5pm was 103.8. The BO gave him banamine (12cc I think bc he is a big horse) IV. I got to the barn at 6pm and did a physical exam on him (I used to be a tech) and found his HR to be 56, RR 56, MM were pale and tacky, and he was pretty quiet, though alert and responsive. We kept a really close eye on him and he did have one normal pile of feces, brightened up a lot, and by the time I left at 9pm his temp was 99.8, HR 36, RR 16. Over this 4 hour period I saw Scooter pee about 5 times.
    Although Max and Scooters symptoms were pretty different, I wondered about the frequent urination and what might be the cause of that. I am aware that frequent urination over a period of time might indicate some kidney disease, but what about a quick onset of the symptom and it being a very temporary thing? Just curious.
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    Could be an infection....or as you state kidney issues...I'd be inclined since this keeps reacuring, to have him vet checked.

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    I "think" that frequent urination can also be a sign of the onset of Cushings....I am not 100% sure about this, but my friend said something to me about that, as her old arab mare, has cushings, and pees quite alot in her stall...

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