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Discuss Foot Injuries to Horse Handlers at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Hi, Im looking into foot injuries sustained by people whom work with horses. If you ...
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    Junior Member
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    Apr 2005

    Foot Injuries to Horse Handlers

    Hi, Im looking into foot injuries sustained by people whom work with horses. If you (or anyone you know) have received an injury to your foot from a horse, could you please let me know. Iím after details such as:

    Where abouts on your foot did the injury occur?

    How Serious was it / How painful?

    How did it occur? - ie. The horse trod on it while grooming.

    What type of footwear were you using?

    Any information would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Stu

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    Senior Member+ DoWeDance's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    I had a horse step on my toes at the base and rotate his foot.
    It was painful enough to leave a bruise and make me limp for a few days
    He stepped on it while I had him tied, and just ground my foot with his hoof.
    I had on crepe sole boots.

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    Mar 2005
    Port St. John, FL
    Blog Entries
    I was always told to NEVER wear steel-toed boots around large horses...somebody once told me a story about a guy who wore steel-toed boots while working with his horses, and this foot got stepped on one day, and the steel was crushed under the weight of the horse and cut off his toes. Don't know if it's a true story, but it kept me from wearing steel-toed boots. I've never had any injuries to my feet yet...I guess I'm lucky.
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    Senior Member+ DoWeDance's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Interesting, I hadn't considered that. My farrier always wears steel toed boots, but I would think farriers run a greater chance than anyone of being stepped on. I'll have to tell him that story...

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    Senior Member+ Cara's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Northern California

    I had my foot stepped on by a big draft while grooming. It didn't break, but it hurt really bad and it got really swolen, I had to keep it elevated for like two days.
    One time my trainers horse freaked out and stepped on her foot and pushed her over then stepped on her calf while tacking up. I don't know exactly what the injuries were, but she was in a cast for a couple of months (foot and leg).

    These were both a long time ago. I was probably wearing paddock boots, and I have no idea about my trainer - her toes got broken though.
    ~It Depends~

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    Senior Member+ Paints4me's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    I don't know.. My feet have been stepped on ALOT!! Usually in my Boots. I had to wear steel toes for 5 years at my old job... and I vowed NEVER to wear them again!! So I would rather have my foot smashed than wear them!!LOL

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    Senior Member+
    Appylvr's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    I heard the same thing about wearing steel toes!!!

    This was about 6-7 years ago and I still remember how much it hurt!
    I was cleaning out my mares back hoof when she yanked it out of my hand and slammed it down, toe--shoe first on the top of my foot! I never went to the hospital (I hate them) but my foot hurt forever! I think it was broken. It had a red mark there for about 6 months to a year. I was wearing my boots at the time. It hurt to take my shoes on and off, so I would leave them on all day until I was ready to go to bed. I limped for months and had to walk on my heel practically, it hurt to put weight on the front of the foot.

    Last year when my colt was born, I was out there in flip flops ( I know not the smartest thing !) and my QH mare stepped onto my foot and stayed there! I didn't want to yell at her and scare her because I was afraid she would spook and hurt the baby (he was right in the way) so I kind of pushed her off. She didn't step off of my foot, she dragged her foot off!!!! It hurt so bad. I remember limping into the house and soaking my foot for the rest of the night! It swelled up really big, too.

    My latest injury was Thanksgiving morning of last year. I was walking my colt, he had just been gelded and we got into the corner and he stepped on my right little toe! I was wearing tennis shoes (not sandals ). I pushed him off and he dragged it off just like mommy! We were in the corner with a water bucket right behind us and hot wire on the fence next to him, so I didn't want him spooking! That time, I think my toe broke. Again didn't go to the hospital. What can they do for a broken toe? It was stepped on again a few more times, have you ever noticed when something hurts and you're trying to keep it protected... it gets hurt even more? It is just starting to feel better, now!
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    Full Member
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    Apr 2005
    I've had pretty much all my toes broken by being stepped on. In most cases I was in running shoes or paddock boots, once I was in sandals because I was going out afterwards. I did wear a pair of boots for some time that had hard plastic toes (not steel) which helped! now my reflexes are just really good lol...

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    Senior Member+ Celeste's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    my old lesson horse Beemer stepped on my foot once. he stepped right on the ball of my foot, where my toes attach to my foot, hurt pretty bad, but not too much. i didn't have a bruise and he certainly didn't break it. it happened while i was leading him after grooming and he just put his foot where mine was on accident, i just shoved on his shoulder until he stepped off of it. i was wearing knee-high leather riding boots. as soon as he got off my foot, i was fine, didn't limp or anything, so i guess i was lucky, because i know a horse can easily break your foot if they step on it.
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    Senior Member+ HappyJoy's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    whats all this information for?

    i've had my feet stomped on lots of times, and most of the time it just left a bruise and hurt for anywhere from a few minutes to the rest of the day. the worst i've had is when i first got my horse. he spooked at our goats because he was still getting used to the area, and planted his foot HARD right down on my toes. i'm pretty sure he popped a bone in my foot, but i didn't go to the doctor so it's hard to know for sure. it didn't hurt very bad at all, it just hurt for forever!! i could feel it every time i wore shoes(i go barefoot most of the time) for about three months, and now, almost two years later i can still feel it if i wear the wrong kind of shoes. i was wearing my riding boots at the time. i love how horses know when they are standing on your feet. when a horse steps on me they leeeaaaannnn against me and put all of their weight on that leg just to spite me. how dare i groom them! lol i've been lucky enough not to have any really really painful injuries.

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