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Discuss flipper dentures, any one got them? at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

How long does it take before you feel comfortable in them? How about talking and ...
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    Dec 2005

    flipper dentures, any one got them?

    How long does it take before you feel comfortable in them? How about talking and in eating in them?

    I had one of my front teeth pulled cause it was sticking out and plan on getting a bridge put in. In the mean time, have to wait 6 months before I can get the bridge I have to wear this flipper denture. So far, it really sucks.. I have a hard time talking and eating with it on. When I talk it sounds like I got a mouth full of something and it doesnt really help me for I have a small mouth and fairly soft voice in the first place. Now I am having a heck of a time getting the words to come out clear and loud. Lately I havent been wearing it much, just cause it is uncomfortable. Went to town yesterday and wore it and had a heck of a time talking to someone finally just took it out when I filled up with gas. Thought heck, I will just go in and see if they notice I dont have a tooth there.

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    Senior Member+ just_ride's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    My husband has been wearing a flipper for years. However, wearing one that long is not a good idea. His flipper is in the front, top and we dated for a longtime before I knew he had one. He takes it out everynight and cleans it like you would dentures. He has worn his for a long time and because of insurance and money issues we have never gotten him a more permanent fitting.
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    nd deb - is it in a really visible place?

    I have a back tooth that had an implant done and I'm waiting on the permanent crown - I opted *not* to have a flipper, because I figured it didn't really matter, being so far back. In hindsight, i'm wondering if I made the right choice, because it *does* sort of show if I smile big... and the crown is taking longer than expected to come in (arrggghhhH!!!).

    How do they work, really... I mean, what is the mechanics behind it? I never really understood that part (another reason why I opted to just skip it, I guess.)

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    Dec 2005
    it is one of my front 2 teeth. without it i kinda of look like a hill billy.

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    Jun 2005
    Maryland, horse country USA
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    Unfortunatly, I lost my front teeth, when I was only 17 and have worn one ever since, you do get used to them, I want implants so bad, I hope some day to be able to afford them, a bridge is not an option, unless I want to first wear braces, and I have given up on the idea....it is too bad , that the companies that I worked for did not have dental ins....you will get used to it, and learn how to talk with it, I did, and none of the guys I ever dated knew that I wore one either...Cathy
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    Apr 2004
    It will take a little while to get use to it and learn to talk with it.
    It is good that you aren't wearing it 24/7. As with dentures, it needs to be taken out at least while you sleep to let the tissue under it breath and get oxygen.

    For those wondering the reasons behind a flipper. There are several purposes to a flipper. Esthetics is the first thing. Most people don't want to have a hole where a tooth use to be when they smile. Another reason is because of the tooth on the opposing arch. Teeth need to occlude with something. If you lose a tooth and don't have something there for the tooth on the opposing arch to occlude with it will keep supererupting until it finds something. This can lead to the tooth becoming mobile or maybe even eventually falling out.
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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by nd deb
    it is one of my front 2 teeth. without it i kinda of look like a hill billy.
    Are you talking about me!! I have a flipper...I hate it...yes its a pain!!

    I finally learned to talk with it...but no way no can I eat with the darn thing in place....it just isnt possible...food gets under it (even if I use an adhesive)...

    I want to get an implant but not sure when as $$ are tight and no insurance at the moment...I will just have to suffer with the darn thing

    But I will tell you...its better than looking like a toothless hick!!

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