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Discuss feeling the baby kick at the Horse Breeding forum - Horse Breeding Forums.

How far along does a mare need to be before you can feel the baby ...
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    Question feeling the baby kick

    How far along does a mare need to be before you can feel the baby kick? I have a mare that is going 24yr old this year and she's suppose to be preg. and she is due around May 8th 2010. This is her last foal. We had her ultrasounded when she was about 45 days and the vet said she was preg, and too me it looked like it. However thursday another one of our vets came out to give them all theyre shots and asked about when she was due and I told her and she said she may not be, cause she doesnt look very big to her. But her last foal she had she didnt get as big as she did with the others. But what is weird is she developed mastitis about 2 months ago and we got rid of it. But we havent had any problems other than that, so I dont know if she would have lost it without us knowing or what??

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    Hmm. Well the only way you will know for sure is if you have the vet back out to check her OR to feel REAL foal movement. You should be able to feel baby at this point. I was feeling baby movement, that was obviously foal NOT just normal gut movements, as early as November. (may have been sooner but I know at least by then) My mare just foaled march 3rd. Not all foals are real active so catching it at the right time could prove hard if the foal is less active. There were days in my mares last month that I had to sit holding her belly for close to a half an hour before I felt any movement. Now a gal told me if you press up on the mares belly just in front of their udder but to the side a tad more (your arm would touch her hind leg) that you can encourage movement but I was always afraid I'd mess something up inside so I didnt do that. I just patted around her entire belly and talked against her until I felt something..lol I would suggest if you have already sat for long periods of time felling for baby that you get your vet out there to see so you know for sure. I have no experience with mastitis really with a mare that is currently in foal so I can't tell you anything on that but it is very possible she aborted if the last time she was checked was at 45days.
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