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Discuss Eyes inflamed/puffy with lots of watering... at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Our new mare, only have had for for about 2 months now, has some inflamation ...
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    Eyes inflamed/puffy with lots of watering...

    Our new mare, only have had for for about 2 months now, has some inflamation on her lower eye lids and white "eye goobers". Her eyes are also watering ALOT more than the other horses at the barn, there are 20+ horse there.

    Any thing we can do to help the situation, or at least treat it so it isn't so bad? The owner of the stable told us it was from the flies and some horses are just more sensitive than others.

    Anything we can do beside a fly head net?


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    Did you check to see if she had some hay stuck in her eyelids? My wife's older horse will bury his head real deep in the hay and sometimes he will get some stuck. I has similar symtoms and discharge. Usually we can grab his eyelid and pull it out. Just a thought. Good luck.

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    First check as Red said to see if something is stuck in there. I use clear eyes to rinse out the eye really well, and then a nice warm wet cloth. Then I would use a fly mask. I have a horse that always has the same type of trouble with flies. His entire eye will swell and look just awful. After doing the above, he looks better within a day.

    Good luck!

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    I would get your vetr to look at your mare. Due to the fact that she's the only one having trouble, it would be a good idea to get more serious issues ruled out.
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