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Discuss expired de-wormer? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

I found a great deal a dollar a tube (ivermectin 1.87%) including shipping BUT they ...
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    Question expired de-wormer?

    I found a great deal a dollar a tube (ivermectin 1.87%) including shipping BUT they expire may '08...

    are they REALLY expired?

    I would use them within this year...
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    I've got some expired dewormer too. I'm afraid to use it. In my opinion, totally not worth it.

    If you're going to order it and use it in the next say 2 months, you'll likely be fine.

    Outside of that, who knows. Some products simply lose effectiveness after expiration. Some become toxic.

    Considering how cheap non-expired ivermectin is, not worth it.

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    We operate a Tack shop and I will not sell expired to anyone but I have used it within a year and had no problems and still found it to be effective. However, that has been my experience, you should make up your own mind. Again, if I were going to use it this year, I would have no problems.

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