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Discuss Double rainbows, how often does THIS happen? *pics* at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Originally Posted by HeavenlyJumper There has to be a significance...there just HAS to be... I ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavenlyJumper View Post
    There has to be a significance...there just HAS to be...

    I do beliebve there IS a significance!

    it was ment to be, how touching!
    Tinky Moonlight ~Sage~
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha App View Post
    *walks in, reads thread* *walks out veeeeeery slowly*

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    That's so neat, I've never seen anything like that before!! We dont get rainbows much around here, LOL.

    "soft hands, strong legs, and a steady mind" ~ equestrian.
    Rules and Sebastian <3 my boys, my two angels. You're never forgotten.
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    Ooh most every rainbow here is a double rainbow because the light is good ches, I noticed that the colors were reversed on the second when I was about 4 years old Once we even saw a FULL double rainbow, where both ends touch the ground.

    But I understand the other point of the thread Double rainbows with the double horseys That's so nice. What a beautiful mare and foal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Roleysnewmom View Post
    So this gross diet coke tastes like gross diet coke with a splash of orange tang. And I'm still drinking it, because I'll be darned if I was robbed out of having a soda to drink when I went against my better judgement and got one!

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    I have some wicked good pics of 2 rainbows. And OMG I didn't know she had her baby!!!!!!! What's her name? Wow I must have missed your thread.
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