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Discuss What do you use to dip a foal's navel? How often? at the Horse Breeding forum - Horse Breeding Forums.

Just curious to see what you all do.... Had an interesting conversation with our vet ...
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    prettyqtrs's Avatar
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    Jul 2004

    What do you use to dip a foal's navel? How often?

    Just curious to see what you all do....

    Had an interesting conversation with our vet this afternoon...generally I have only/always used iodine. But he says that you can also use betadine. I'd never even thought about that before. We already bought iodine (it's a little strong *7%* but we will dilute it before we use it)...but guess its nice/good to know that betadine is also an option if there's no iodine around.

    So, what do you all use? And how often do you dip the navels?

    We generally dip it a couple times day 1, and then once to twice a day for the next day or two. So usually by day 2/3/4 we are good to go.

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    Nov 2005
    Nolvasan is better than iodine or povidone solutions because they are harsh and don't kill the right kind of bacteria.

    Dip it right away and then again in 20 min, then again after the foal stands and 3 more times over the next 24 hours.

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    Senior Member+ LotsOfSavvy's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Littlerock, CA
    I use a 50/50 solution of nolvasan in a spray bottle. That is what I learned when I attended Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Short Course. Also, they said you could use regular betadine solution (not the scrub). I did my babies navels 2-3 times a day (at feeding time) with the spray bottle for about 4 days.

    Maybe overkill but I am out there any way, the foal needs to be handled. Have never had any problems yet.
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    Jan 2005
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    We actually started to use novsal(sp?) surgical scrub for the navels. For a few days, 2x a day at least
    I miss you princess
    there where horses now there are kids

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    Feb 2006
    Yep we use novasan at home and at the equine hospital I work at. I use a shot glass and dip usually 2x a day for 3 days. We've seen scalds come in to the hospital were they over did the iodine and the poor foals were badly burned.

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    Senior Member+ Chevmama's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Alberta, Canada
    I like 2% Iodine solution (7% will blister and burn the foal) but you can use betadine solution and nolvasan. You really don't need to keep doing it day after day. It will dry up and fall off on its own just like human babies. (They do not recommend alcohol for human babies anymore.) Its only needed with in the 1st 15 mins after rupture before the blood vessels close. After the blood vessels close bacteria can't go thru the blood vessels and infect the foal.

    I like to use either a baby or film jar with the iodine in it or a squirt bottle.

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    Senior Member+
    prettyqtrs's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Yes, we definately will be diluting the iodine. That's all I seen(the 7%), so I figured I'd just get it and then I can easliy dilute it. And like I said we usually dip or spray the navel a couple times day 1, and then once or twice for the next day or two.

    It's interesting to hear some different points of view sometimes- so I was just curious how/what others did.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Senior Member lilmisscowgrl's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Indpls. IN
    I have used Iodine, but this year I am using an nolvasan. That is what the vets recommended here. I do it 2-3 times a day for the first couple of days.

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    Senior Member Ima_Spring_Rose's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Ontario canada
    I just bought a bottle of Gentel Iodine dont no what % it is tho.how do you know?it is only writen

    (provieds 1% titratable iodine/fournit 1% d'iodine titrable)
    isopropyl myrisate..........................1.0%
    isopropyl alcohol(anhydrous)..............65%

    How could you tell how strong it is??
    I spray it on.i attended many foalings and they just sprayed this stuff on
    We were going to buy betadine but we would have had to order it(takes a long time) cus our
    co-op only had iodine.

    ~ Spring~ My 10 yr old QH Chestnut mare

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    Sep 2003
    We spray 1% iodine right after they are born and then a 2nd time a few hrs later.

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