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Discuss How do you stop a horse going through fence's at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

I have a 2 year old filly pony and nothing can stop her, Electric fence's ...
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    How do you stop a horse going through fence's

    I have a 2 year old filly pony and nothing can stop her, Electric fence's don't do any thing to her, she just walk's through them, wooded one's she will kick untill they fall down and i mean in peice's, wire she walk's all over then and she bite's them stretch's them, i can't afford to keep replacing the fence's and i don't want to get rid of her, Does any one have any advise on what i can do, she's not broken, but nothing will stop her, please someone help

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    Put the boards on the inside she can't kick them off then. And use bigger nails I've had horses kick 2 inch thick white oak 2 x 8's and they never moved.

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    yeah...to re-itterate what County said. Boards need to be on the inside of the fence. The place I used to do rough boarding at had these little flimsy 1" boards on the OUTSIDE and most were cracked/rotted.... ugh. No wonder my horses were all getting out!!! Oh...... how far apart are the fence posts? that could be a factor too.

    Thicker boards, on the inside.

    She runs thru electric??? How much voltage are you putting out?? If it's not enough, then she just won't respect it. It'll be like a little tickle to her.

    We use 12g. high tensile and the tester thing says its puttin out 5,060 volts..... could be more, that's as high as the tester goes. My trouble makin boys don't even CONSIDER touching it. They did once......ONCE. Hehe.....
    Gotta Love 'Em
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    I had a horse that ran through electic fences (wire). He was clever, the charge only pulses through once a second or two and he figured out he could snap the wire quickly before getting shocked.

    I would recommend a combo of board & wire, or get the electrified tape (they might pull it down, but won't be able to break it and will get shocked before they get free of it).

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