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Discuss How do I keep neighborhood cats out of our sandbox?? at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

Well, I need some help. My hubby built our kids this huge sandbox but the ...
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    Aug 2005
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    How do I keep neighborhood cats out of our sandbox??

    Well, I need some help. My hubby built our kids this huge sandbox but the neighborhood cats have finally found it. lol We have a chain link fence around our whole backyard but they probably sneak in under the gate. There's nothing worse than playing out there with the kids only to dig up what some cat has left behind.

    Can anyone give me some ideas to keep them out? It's too big to cover unless I buy a large size tarp but then that's kind a pain too. Help!!!!

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    Do you have a dog?

    I do, and I haven't had a stray cat problem at all...
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    Senior Member+ palimino57's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    .. Cat traps... pellet gun... KIDDING

    I dunno.. cats hate tinfoil.. cover it in tin foil once. itll scare the bajeepers outta them.. never to return.

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    Mar 2007
    Australia, Victoria.
    The dog idea is fantastic...however if you dont want to get a dog..the only thing you can do is cover the sand pit....you may have to make up a top/lid.....maybe using wood and chook wire or shade cloth/mesh, which would be light...however you don't want it so light that the wind will blow it off.....and make it easy for the kids to slide it off.

    If it is a large area you may have to make 2 covers that clip together.

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    Sep 2005
    lost in a fog
    Quote Originally Posted by palimino57 View Post
    .. Cat traps... pellet gun... KIDDING
    I wouldn't kid about the cat traps. Trap the cats, get pound to collect them. Same as you would a wandering dog or horse.

    Cats are like any other animal owned. It should be kept at home. Wandering animals are a nuisance and cats are a health hazard to your children.
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    I too would be trapping them. Especially if they're using the sandpit as a litter tray. Toxiplasmosis can be transferred to children through the fecal matter of cats. Is there any way you could put a Tarp over the sandpit to prevent them from using it as a litterbox? (just a suggestion)
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    The only way is to cover the sandbox when not in use.
    Sam's Club sells them: http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/nav...=5&item=361487
    As do many other places online.
    Sandbox Covers

    The most effective way to discourage your cat from using your child's sandbox is to prevent access to it by covering it when not in use. A hard plastic cover available a local hardware stores does an excellent job. It has the extra advantage of protecting the area from rain and keeping young children from playing while unsupervised. These covers can be secured and are easy to clean.
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    Have Hubby make a 'lid' for it. Attach hardwear cloth or chicken wire to a frame that is just a little bigger than the box and then you can just lift it off and on easily. (Like a lid for a box) Doesn't have to be made out of heavy/real sturdy lumber as it would have basically no strain on it.

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    Oct 2003
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    get cat traps.
    If more cats end up at the pound and the owners have to go and pay to get them back then perhaps fewer cats will end up wandering around loose in the neighbourhood. Cat faeces is dangerous and you might consider calling animal control if you know which cats are responsible (having photographic evidence of them in your garden would help).
    In the meantime get a cover on you sandpit.

    Honestly it is beyond me why people think it is acceptable to allow cats to wander round unsupervised. They are just as much of a nusiance as stray dogs. If you cant keep your animals securely on your own property you shouldnt hve the animal full stop. We shoot any cat that we see on our property - thats if the dogs dont kill it first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tremor

    You officially rock with that idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by palimino57 View Post
    .. Cat traps... pellet gun... KIDDING

    I dunno.. cats hate tinfoil.. cover it in tin foil once. itll scare the bajeepers outta them.. never to return.
    BB gun or airsoft gun would do it! Hehe..That's just me.
    ~Rebel's Payback~ '06 APHA Gelding~

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