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Discuss Costume Class Ideas Please!?!?!? at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Ok, I am going to my first show in a couple of weeks! But out ...
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    Costume Class Ideas Please!?!?!?

    Ok, I am going to my first show in a couple of weeks!

    But out of the few classes I am entering.......i'm entering a costume class and would like ideas as to what I can dress both me and Ruby up as......Ruby is a chestnut Mare btw if that helps any.

    It can't be a costley costume......somthing I can wip up cheaply but that has a cahnce of getting me a ribbon!
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    What's your weather? I'm guessing heading into winter?

    Anyway, some of my past ideas...

    * Racehorse (you need contacts, so you can borrow a racing saddle and jockey silks, probably just lead the horse lol. Attach a number to your saddle blanket, long boots, short crop...presto!)

    * Beach (beach towel over horses rump, you in bathers, beach bucket complete with sand and trowl over one arm. Wear flippers. Attach -small- snorkel to the cheekpiece of your halter/bridle. You know those 'floaties'? Little blow up hollow tubes, placed over a kids arms? Don't blow them up all the way, attach them to horses front legs like boots).

    * Punk Rocker (works with horse with a short mane - gel it up. Add a little black horse makeup eye shadow. Stick great big safety pins on saddle blanket, and stitch/scrawl/attach titles of songs and artists. You dress accordingly as well)

    * Characters (Little Red Riding hood, etc etc)

    * Racing Stripes (White blanket with black zebra stripes placed over horse)

    * My Little Pony (white rug/blanket/hood etc with my little pony-like symbols, suns, flowers, etc painted on the rump. tie ribbons in mane & tail. Dress girly!)

    * Then you have your lady, princess, knight etc options...

    You could always be even more creative, such as "Frog on a Log". Your horse is brown so you're halfway there...lol...make your horse look log like and dress up like a frog...

    I saw one, the pony dressed in green rugs, with flowers and leaves cut out of paper and safety pinned on, and the little kid was dressed up as a fairy/butterfly...and yeah she was a butterly on a flower, it was really cute...

    Good luck

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    but a helping hand.

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    Here's some pics I took last year at the local costume class, they were all cute...
    first was the Hawiian horse, then the pirate, the angel, super horse, the disco horse (my favorite) little red riding hood, arabian costume, and the cutest, Zorro!
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