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Discuss Childrens' or children's??? English grammar help! at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

Children's. If it was horses you could use it horse's (belongs to A horse) or ...
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    Children's. If it was horses you could use it horse's (belongs to A horse) or horses' (belongs to more than one horse). Childrens' in itself is an incorrect word because children is the plural of child. It could be child's (belonging to one child) or children's (belonging to more than one child).
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    childrens is plural of child as in there is more than one child involved in the scene.

    where an object/activity belongs to the children, i.e. it belongs to more than one child its children's whereas if it only belonged to just one child it would be child's.

    where you have a word/name ending in S and you merely put an apostraphe s i.e. Ross' Icecream
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    Quote Originally Posted by stormyheart6160 View Post
    It would be "childrens' activities".

    when the apostrophy is between the "n" and the "s", it would be meant to read "children IS activities".
    Nope, that's not correct. Apostrophes are used in two places only. Apostrophes are NEVER EVER EVER used to pluralize. (No, not if the word ends in a vowel, never ever ever.) They are only used for possessive ('s) and in contractions. Children is already plural, so the correct possessive is "children's." For words that end in an s, e.g. girls, to make that possessive you put the apostrophe on the end. E.g. I went to Wynberg Girls' High School. This is because "Girls's" is not correct. Possessive plurals are the exception. The rule is to pluralize with an 's.

    When using an apostrophe to contract words, the apostrophe goes where the missing letters are. That's why it's "y'all" (missing "ou" from you-all) and not "ya'll."

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