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Discuss Bumps on Fetlocks at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

I have a 4yr old horse who is starting to develop some bumps on his ...
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    Question Bumps on Fetlocks

    I have a 4yr old horse who is starting to develop some bumps on his fetlocks. He has been in moderate training since he was 2 yrs old. The front fetlocks are worse than the hind. What could cause this? The horse has only shown slight lameness once. However, his RF hoof is beginning to shoe vertical cracks. We did have him in a bar shoe. I had them x-rayed. They showed nothing. One vet said he should grow into them, another vet said he is not ever going to be sound and he will get worse. What are your thoughts. Please PM if you need to. I can send photos by email because I was not sure how to post photos on this web site.

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    Ok I put photos in the Gallery Section under Other- "bumps on front leg" not sure if that will be correct but it worked.

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    Im wondering if the sesamoids arent damaged/ inflamed? If those are stress fracture hoof cracks, I bet he has corresponding joint damage/ inflammation. Just a guess, but makes sense?
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    You can load your photos into your post by going to "Post Reply" and then clicking on "Upload Photos" on the right hand side.

    They could be splints. 2 years old is very young to be doing moderate work and at 4 the horse is still not fully developed. It could be a case of too much strain too young.
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    I don't know what they are called either. We get in a lot off the track that look like that and have nick named them apple ankles, I would imagine it has to do with stress being put on growing joints. We have had a few that come in and we send right back out because they won't vet. The keepers we x-ray every year to look for changes, consider them a time bomb and go from there.
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    One picture looks like the horse is developing osselets, a very common track injury. You'll hear them called "ankles" or "ankle jewelry". They form when there is too much concussion on the weight-bearing phase of the stride, causing (IIRC) the long pastern bone and the fetlock joint to connect and eventually cause bone to be laid down to protect things. When they are hot, actively laying down bone, they can be painful. When they are cold and set, they are often just cosmetic, though they do hinder the contractual flexion of the joint. My OTTB mare has them and she has almost no backward flexion of her pastern, but has nearly full weight-bearing flexion.

    The crack in the hoof bothers me a lot. Can you post better pictures of that foot? One showing the whole foot and pastern/fetlock from the front, and one showing the same thing from the side - flat, smooth ground, horse standing square. A crack like this indicates there is likey an imbalance in the way the foot is being trimmed that is causing too much pressure there.
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