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Discuss Building muscle in a rescue at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

this is my little 4 year old Quarter horse rescue mare, Cara. She came into ...
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    Full Member dandybrush's Avatar
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    Dec 2012

    Building muscle in a rescue

    Name:  NK7_2016.jpg
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Size:  57.6 KBthis is my little 4 year old Quarter horse rescue mare, Cara. She came into the rescue starving to death, and they wanted to put her down. But she pulled through and she is a little tub now I was wondering good ways to help her tone that tush a little.

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    Senior Member TigerLily's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    You can't "spot tone" you have to get the whole thing toned. Lots of correct transitions up and down, poles, cavalettis, and the ultimate? Hills! (if you have them...) but, for a 4 year old, who is pretty much still a baby, I wouldn't worry about it. Especially a starved one, she is going to need some extra time to catch up growth wise.

    I would get her a mentally bombproof as you can get a 4 year old, and worry about a toned butt later, lol.

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