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Discuss Bone chip surgery cost? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Anybody have recent experience (last 3 years or so) with having bone chip surgery on ...
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    Bone chip surgery cost?

    Anybody have recent experience (last 3 years or so) with having bone chip surgery on a fetlock, what was the cost?


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    Hey prices are different in each area and it also has other factors on what all really needs to be cleaned up once there in there just did a colt last month with bone chips in both front fetlocks the first leg they charges 1500 for the other was like 300 done all at the same time but that was how the bill was broke down and thats FL at upscale equine hospital where everything is higher and we got pretty colored pics of before and after of the inside where they cleaned it up which was way cool. Universities also have payment plans. I bet your area is way cheaper.

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