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Recent Blogs Posts

  1. All By Myself...

    Thunder was rolling when I got out to the farm today. To be fair, it was rolling when I'd left the house an hour earlier. With an hour drive between home and farm, I figured the weather could be completely different there so I headed out anyways. It was definitely brighter than it had been at home, but it was clear that weather was moving in.

    The first thing I did when I got there was to walk out into the field and fly spray Gossip and give her a grooming. It included picking out her ...
  2. Playing Footsie

    This is going to be two updates in one, since I didn't get a chance to write on the first. Both days were working on the same thing, so it fits together....

    The lesson mirrored some advice I read on the forum recently. It had to do with picking up feet on an un-handled youngster. And what was suggested is exactly what we did... foot up... foot down... foot up... foot up... foot down... rinse and repeat until the horse seems bored, adding a few seconds of foot up time every now and then ...
  3. Back on the horse... or something like that....

    After too long away, I visited a certain shiny yearling today. I didn't do too much training because of my back, but we did work a bit on picking up feet. Judging by her reaction to a rub, which she usually loves, the base of her ears are still sore from pulling back. I'm pretty sure something spooked her, but I still hope she learned her lesson on that one!

    Frankly I was a bit shocked by how much she's grown, and she's bum high at the moment so she's still at it. Definitely going ...
  4. Barn Fire Trauma

    As I have posted in the forum I have lost my two best buddies last week when our barn burnt down. I am not coping with it well. One thing I cannot get over is why this had to happen to them. They were young at 8 and 9 and just coming into their prime. These two rarely ever caused problems, just well behaved, sweet horses, they did not deserve this fate at all.

    I really can't understand why this has happened to me either. I'm one of those who is at the barn every day, if I'm not riding ...
  5. Bouncing Around

    After our little adventure the other day, I headed out to the farm today with a plan to work on tying. Unfortunately it was not to be. Electric tape has been put up to extend the area where the boys can graze, and it's too close to the safest tying spots. I decided that trying to tie there anyways was just asking for a wreck, so I changed my plan.

    We did a brief bit of work on picking up and picking out her feet. She was good for her right fore, but with her left she started fighting ...