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Discuss Best way to remove burrs from forelock/mane/tail at the Horse Grooming forum - Horse Forums.

Although I have yet to find the SOURCE of the culprit, the horses have been ...
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    Question Best way to remove burrs from forelock/mane/tail

    Although I have yet to find the SOURCE of the culprit, the horses have been coming in for feeding time with burrs MATTED into their forelocks, manes, and even tails. I pick them out each night during dinner, but its almost as if they find it a competition now to get as MUCH tangled in there as possible.

    Does anyone have a proven method of getting burrs out gently? Picking out by hand is GREAT, but its snagging and breaking what little hair these horses have. I've tried using a detangler, but that just creates a slippery, matted, and burr-filled mess! HELP!
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    I've always used baby oil, but it does leave the mane/forelock rather greasy for a while. MTG works well the deter the burrs, too. Of course, LOTS of patience is always required -- both on your part, and the horse's. Good luck!
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    Oct 2008

    But if you want to keep your mane from looking like a 5 year old gave your horse a haircut- I agree that babyoil and gloves (so you can dig in) will eventually get it done. HATE messing with that stuff. UGH.
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    Crush burrs with pliers and brush ! this does work even with a lot of burrs. Good luck !!

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    Cut all the hair off......and helps with any future problem too...your horse may not appreciated it...but grooming is easy-peasy afterwords.,....lol

    I use fish oil and cowboy magic...soak for 20 minutes and groom out.
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    Feb 2011
    Sevierville, TN
    My proven giant burr removal method...wont work as well with green burs but works great with already brown ones.

    Wet burred up mane and tail throughly and soap it up burrs and all. Rinse the shampoo out and then SOAK the hair with human pantene conditioner for dry and damaged hair and let it soak for about 5 minutes.

    Using a big plastic mane comb, start at the bottom and start combing out burrs. They will disintigrate as you comb and the conditioner will make the hair just slip out of the burrs hold. Keep the hair wet and full of conditioner. You may need to use your hands to pull mats apart to get the comb in

    Doing it this way nets the least hair loss and damage to the hair cuticle. Plus, after its all clean and rinsed, the hair is beautiful, soft and flat and dries like it never had a burr. Ive done many many horses that didnt have a single hair left NOT in a burr.

    The oil method IME just makes a big mess and leaves the hair stretchy and not slippery like the conditioner does to release the burr hold.
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    just put in a little detangleler and then split the piece of had in two until the burr doesn't' have enough had to grip!my pony has found the best burr patch to roll in...
    An english horse has grace,a western horse has pleasure and my horse has it all.

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    PA, CO
    I use baby oil and combs with varying widths. Baby oil, wide-toothed comb from the bottom of the mane and tail up, then repeat with progressively smaller-toothed combs. It takes a while, but it works for me!

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    Feb 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    In all honesty the biggest & most important part of ANY burr removal, is to NOT try to take the burr out of the mane/tail. You want to remove the mane/tail from the burr hold.

    So I'll hold the burr, and starting at the bottom, slowly split a "chunk of burrs" in half, then start slowly pulling some of the small hairs out. You have to remove small hair sections at a time, but they will easily slip out.

    I don't add anything at all to the mess & trust me....I've removed mass quantities at once.....our one field is full of burrs. Sadly there's no way I'm hunting them all down over 15-20 acres....I'd NEVER find them all!

    Outside of that, when it's full on burr season & I can't make it to the farm for a bit (like when I'm off on a weeks vacation) Here is the set up my horse gets! He's 1/2 andy with a done of mane & tail. and I detest coming back to a mess! I still have some burrs to pick out when I get back, but it's FAR FAR less than I would if I didn't make my horse look ridiculous! hahahaha
    R'nB & the Burr Battle
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    Baby oil works amazing to get burrs out
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