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Discuss Are blueberry bushes poisonous to horses? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

We are moving our horses to a new pasture and there is a large blueberry ...
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    Senior Member LateBloomer's Avatar
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    May 2004

    Are blueberry bushes poisonous to horses?

    We are moving our horses to a new pasture and there is a large blueberry bush in it. Are the leaves poisonous to horses? I know deer like them. I think it is a high bush blueberry, they are all over the place here.

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    Sep 2004
    check out this website
    It only lists a blueberry root which is NOT the same as real blueberry bushes. Also if blue berry bushes were posisnous, my horses would have been dead or sick a long time ago because they have eaten down three of my 4 blueberry bushes at various time.

    But for the sake of the blueberry, you might wnat to protect the plant for your own use. YUM love those blueberries.

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