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Discuss apple cider vinegar for arthritis? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

does apple cider vinegar reallly help horses with arthritis? i have read multiple threads on ...
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    Jul 2008

    apple cider vinegar for arthritis?

    does apple cider vinegar reallly help horses with arthritis?

    i have read multiple threads on here about it, but i would like to hear about personal experiences with it.

    what were your results with it? how long does it take to kick in? what are some side effects or anything? and anything else you can think of


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    I have never heard of this. But I know that glucosamine shots help horses with arthritis.
    from the Crazy Horse Obsessed Woman......

    "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible." Stuart Chase

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    Apr 2011
    I've always used it for flies. But never tried it on horses. I wouldn't imagine it hurting though...

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    Mar 2011
    What!! This sounds outrageous. Is this supposed to be oral administration? I don't see how giving something that is acidic can be good for the stomach. I think it would mess with the horses pH balance. I would say stick to glucosamine and chondroitin (there is research for sure out there to back it up); shots typically work better than oral.

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    Feb 2010
    I have heard that it's good for a lot of things, our two horses get about 1/4 cup in two scoops of beet pulp for lunch.

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    It wouldn't surprise me if that was the case, I know for a fact though Flax Seed and Fish Oil and just an straight Omega 3 suppliment is great for Arthritis.
    "Ignoring the evidence is simply another way of ignoring the truth."
    "Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and it's even better if you happen to be right." ~ Brent Spiner
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