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Discuss Alabama Horse Auctions??? at the Horse Rescue / Adoption forum - Horse Forums.

There is also an auction in Dothan, it used to be called "Rusty Guy" auction,, ...
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    There is also an auction in Dothan, it used to be called "Rusty Guy" auction,, it used to be at the houston county farm center the first friday night at 6 pm (they started with tack, then did the horses). Here's a link to his scheduled auctions:
    http://www.rghorsesale.com/scheduled_sales.htm (he doesn't have the 2009 schedule up yet, you might want to call him before going over there)

    I havent been in a couple of years, but I guess they are still there. They used to have 100 horses or so at each auction. I used to see killer buyers over there, but the last couple of times I went I didn't notice any.

    I've seen them go over there for less than $100 for yearlings...several good riding horses sold for around $350 last time I was there. I heard rumors folks were paying $25 in some places for unbroke yearlings. This time of the year, the horses really need our help.

    Good luck, hope you find one you like!

    It's a great time of year to hit the auctions, alot of horses need a good home this time of year.

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    what is the name and contact info or date and time of sale . we have a third generation doc bar brude mare for sale .

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    This thread is from 2008.

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    NW MO
    Used to be one in Frisco City, over in Monroe county. Check at feed stores, they usually know.
    "If you listen to the horse, the horse will tell you what it wants to be." Dale Pugh
    "You can undo in five seconds, the training it took you five years to accomplish." Wyman E. Bennett

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