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Discuss AC4H, Broker Owned Program at the Horse Rescue / Adoption forum - Horse Forums.

I was on another website and i came across this rescue, and they try to ...
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    Senior Member CP_Dude's Avatar
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    Sep 2008

    AC4H, Broker Owned Program

    I was on another website and i came across this rescue, and they try to place horses that are going to slaughter in homes. My family and i wanted to get one of 4 yearlings that are going to slaughter, but we decided weren't set up for a young horse. but now i feel sad every time i think about them , they are so young, and innocent and deserve to live a long life in a loving home. I just want to spread the word about these horses and more that are in desperate need of help. Even if you can't take one, inform other people so hopfully these poor horses can find a home. Here is there l ink. http://www.ac4h.com/BrokerOwnedProgram.htm

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    Full Member WarBonnet's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Harrisburg, PA
    AC4H claims to be a rescue, but from what I've heard from people that deal with them, all they do is snag cheap horses from New Holland, try for a week or two to sell them and then run them through the auctions again.

    They don't seem like very good people, IMHO.
    Ticket Home 2004 OTTB Gelding

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    Senior Member FatSpottedAppy's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Potter County, PA
    We almost went to visit AC4H but didnt get a chance before I found a horse I wanted from a trainer.

    Are they really bad? I know they had a palomino gelding up for adoption for a LONG time.. I know this because I saw him on classified sites for months, and on their site, but now he's gone. I never really paid attention to the others.
    April ~ Kiger Mustang + Prodigy ~ Kiger Mustang/Appaloosa + Blondie ~ Missouri Foxtrotter + Roscoe ~ Miniature + Jagger ~ Clydesdale

    Hi, my name is Morgan, and I am obsessed with horses.

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    Full Member WarBonnet's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Harrisburg, PA
    I've spoken to a lot of people that deal with them, I myself have never met them, but from what I hear, that's what they do.
    Ticket Home 2004 OTTB Gelding

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    Senior Member+ FancyAppy's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    My experience with them did not favorably impress me. I would not attempt to work with them again. This is only my opinon of course. Others may have had a good experience and feel differently.


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    Full Member Nikki.M.'s Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Thats kind of obvious- they have a horse on there with papers for $1000. If it was a rescue they wouldn't be selling for such prices, they would be adopting them out for as little as possible so they could get horses adopted out and get new ones in.

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    Full Member
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    Jan 2006
    My personal experience with AC4H: I know they will list broker owned horses to hopefully get them homes. The brokers usually only keep them 1-2 weeks and then run them back thru the auction or ship to slaughter.
    AC4H also has their personal rescue horses. Those in quarantine and those that are ready for new homes. Some have been waiting for homes for several years before being adopted out.

    I have pulled 2 horses from the brokers page. I bought them outright so no adoption contract, which is the way I prefer it. I will say that I thought both were overpriced coming from a broker, but concidering my one reg. Morgan gelding, he is bred extremely well, was shown at top shows and trained. If he were listed by a private owner, he would have been well out of my price range. So I think Kramer was a steal. Apollo was well worth the price, he was better than his video showed. Again if he was with a private owner, his price would have been higher. He is extremely sweet is definitely all Morgan but no reg. papers.
    I was not shopping for anymore horses, but the both just pulled at me.
    Kramer I bought in Dec 2006 and Apollo in Dec. 2008.
    Would I do it again, In a heartbeat.
    The dealings with AC4H went smoothly so I have no complaints. I am not advocating them, just sharing my experience.
    I have heard pro's and con's, so who's to say.


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    Senior Member Jess1025's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Willoughby, OH
    I haven't heard of them sending them back through auction but I know they do have a lot of broker horses, I have seen rescue horses on there for well over a year so from what I see, they rescue and sell and as for prices, I have seen many many rescues ask fees between $1000-$2000 if they can sell a horse for more because of its training and papers then they should so they can help more more. LastChanceCorral.org sells them for all kinds of fees and I've seen them on CANTER for prices in 1000s also...

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    Senior Member+ NotsoDumbBlonde's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Watertown, Connecticut
    my friend Jess' horse Dallas was FOUND on their broker owned page- she had donated him to a school in upstate NY many years ago... and one of her friends had seen a horse on their broker owned pages that looked like him and OMG it was Dally!! Ac4H helped Jess (as well as myself and many friends) to pay his fee and she got him back.. couldn't believe he ended up the situation. There is even a picture of him with Susie (she used to own Susie before I did!) at a show on the website under success stories

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