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Discuss Abandoned motorcycle.... no title... help? at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

Okay here is the story; my parents are real estate agents that specialize right now ...
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    Abandoned motorcycle.... no title... help?

    Okay here is the story; my parents are real estate agents that specialize right now in Foreclosure's and Short Sales. They had a property about a year ago that had an abandoned motorcycle in it, and the people were LONG gone from the property basically deserted it... The company my parents work for told them to just take the Motorcycle, and they did. It's been sitting in our barn for a long time now....

    IS there a way to go about getting title on it? It has a tag, but the owner's its registered to are probable LONG out of the state....

    Basically it was abandoned, so wwyd?

    Any people who have any knowledge about this willing to give us some directions on what to do?

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    Just file for lost title......
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    Contact the state patrol or sherriff and tell them you have an abandoned and they can come do a report for you and then have it hauled away or find the registered owners to see what they want to do with it. Good luck
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    A lot of factors would determine if they could get a title for it or not. A lot depends on the state you're in. Here you would need to contact the sheriff or town, have them come look at it. They would record the serial number and check to see if it was reported lost or stolen. You may only be able to file for a title replacement if you are a "storage" or tow/repair facility and can hold a lein on it for storage or money owed. I guess a lot depends on your local/state laws. good luck!!!

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    Usually you can just go get it in your name by filing for an abandoned vehicle title. At least in CA we do.

    Check your states DMV site - it should tell you what the procedures are for abandoned vehicles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra-A1 View Post
    Just file for lost title......
    Second this. Where ever you go you go to get license plates will be able to walk you through what you need to do. I do also believe that you need to have someone come out and make sure that the vin number is acutally that motorcycle. If everything works out that way your parents will own a motorcycle.
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    Laws vry from state to state and even county to county. Call your local DMV and ask what to do. For us we can file an abandoned vehicle form after the vehicle has been abandoned for x amount of time. It costs about $200-$300 to do this though
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    Sweet what kind of bike is it ????? I'd call the DMV as well see if they can give you any info off the tags...Has to have a Vin # as well..look for that..SHOULD be SOMETHING in the system on it !!!!..I wish I would find an abandoned bike !!!!
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    call the DMV. they can tell you what you need to do to do it legally I'd have the VIN in hand or at least the plate # if the plates are still on it

    you might just have a motorcycle
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    If it's really nice I'd try and get a title for it, the DMV/DOT should be able to help you.
    If it's only decent I'd just part it out.
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