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Discuss -40F Wind-chill will my horse be ok? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

That's pretty cold. If you horse uses the shelter, it may be OK. I would ...
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    Oct 2003
    That's pretty cold. If you horse uses the shelter, it may be OK. I would blanket or bring the horses in the barn. I would worry about frost bite.

    When temps are below zero with wind, my horses stay inside.
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    its not the cold as much as the wind, they can't keep insulated in the wind , anymore than you can . I hope shes got a windbreak she can get in, I moved my horses from a part of NJ that was colder but in a valley with no wind, they stayed out 24/7 with a run in shed , they would go inside when it was windy which was very rare, the spot i moved to is flat and open, I was totally shocked to find my horses shivering in temps well above what they were in at my other place, it was the wind, and they dont get used to it because it blows the coat up and have no protection once that happens... Is there a wind break someplace? i sure hope so... unless you can put a heavy blanket that is windproof... it might help a little

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    Feb 2009
    Denver, Colorado
    Sorry! I forgot to mention she does have a run-in shed, and she lives with a few other horses...Thanks for the reassurance. I have a big winter blanket, but its my old tbs and would definitely be way too big on Elly ha...not to mention its been snowing all morning and the barn isn't heated I'd have to curry her for hours before I could put it on her.

    Trace - I keep her out in Franktown, east of Castlerock south of Parker.

    The weather has been so strange, but I guess typical CO weather. Temps below freezing for a few days, than a few days in the 60's and now temps staying below 0 all day and night...is it summer time yet?
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    Nov 2008
    South of the north pole
    Growing up, those kinds of temps were the norm. My horse never saw a blanket.
    I can't believe it is that cold in CO.. crazy!! Your horse will be fine!

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    Mar 2004
    Alberta, Canada
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    She should be fine It's amazing what horses acclimatize to. It's -37 here today (without the wind chill!) and my horses live outside 24/7 with no blankets. If they have free choice hay and a shelter she should be okay. Plus it's nice she has a few buddies to cuddle up with.
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    Senior Member+ phoebeq's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Yah know, as soon as I finished typing, I started thinking about Dakota and his thin "winter coat". I went out and threw his blanket on. It is a little big on him, but it is better than nothing, as his coat isn't NEARLY as thick as my other guys' coats. If yours have nice thick coats, I would say they will be fine

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    Senior Member heyletsgoskate's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Colorful Colorado
    I'm out in CO too, up north near Wyoming and we were shocked to have a thick layer of ice on everything this morning too. I'm definitely doing stalls late this evening rather than tomorrow during the day because it's only gonna keep getting colder both of my kids come in at night so I'm hoping they won't think much of it, luckily they both have ridiculous winter coats even though its mostly been so warm this year. I hope your girl is fine!
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    Mar 2006
    Alberta, Canada
    Quote Originally Posted by Purpledomino View Post
    If she has been outside without a blanket up until now that is good, she will have grown a good coat and be more climatized. As long as she has free access to hay and warm water (she does) is a good weight and healthy, she will be fine.

    My thermometer this morning is at -35C with no windchill....and my guys are happy campers eating their hay. Does your horse some sort of shelter to get out of the wind?
    -40C (which is actually -40F too lol) now without the wind. BAD ALBERTA BAD!!! lol

    I think that if your horse has shelter that's the main thing. Free choice hay at this temp is a very good idea too.
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    Apr 2005
    if she can get out of the wind in a run in , provided she doesnt get kicked out by other horses, she should be fine... ~

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    May 2009
    Manitoba, Canada
    It was that temp here for over a week straight recently. I never even saw any of the horses in the pasture where my horse lives go in the shelter! They do huddle together though sometimes. She will be fine.

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