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Discuss 15.5" Herford Imperial Saddle mid 1970's at the Horse Classifieds forum - Horse Forums.

15.5" Herford "Imperial" Saddle before it became Textan. The saddle is a vintage saddle from ...
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    Senior Member Jewel's Avatar
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    15.5" Herford Imperial Saddle mid 1970's

    15.5" Herford "Imperial" Saddle before it became Textan. The saddle is a vintage saddle from the 1970's in good condition for it's age. Has a few places missing buckstitching but does not affect the comfortable ride this saddle offers with the equitation seat. Still a great trail saddle, or breaking sadle. Has real fleece, rolled cantle and pommel. Has a full quarter tree with 7" at the gullet conchos. E-mail me with questions, PRICE IS $450.00 + Shipping and Ins. to you......Cindy

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    Senior Member morgannut's Avatar
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    OMG, I used to have that exact saddle except mine was made in 1964 .... that was THE most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in! I still have a TexTan now... 70s age. Friendly bump for you!
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