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Discuss 100 Foals at Fallon Feedlot NV at the Horse Rescue / Adoption forum - Horse Forums.

This is the same place where the 96 mares and foals were saved a few ...
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    100 Foals at Fallon Feedlot NV

    This is the same place where the 96 mares and foals were saved a few weeks ago. Why do people keep on breeding??????? Crossposting from an email I received. Lifesavers is a very GOOD rescue group:

    I am cross posting this information. I am NOT the contact person. That would be Jill at Lifesaver's. You can find her on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lifesavers-Wild-Horse-Rescue/103781729666196
    or lifesavers@wildhorserescue.org
    PLEASE XPOST THIS TO GROUPS. If someone can handle and train foals, please send this info to them.
    Anti Slaughter Issues: US - 400 "feral" horses Fallon Auction

    From: kmmahan 1:32 am
    To: ALL (44 of 44)
    53059.44 in reply to 53059.43
    I saw Jill at Lifesavers on Saturday and asked about the Paiute horses ......
    Now she has heard there are another 100 foals, weanlings to yearlings. They gave her a few weeks to find places for them to go. With the horses they already had at the rescue & sanctuary, and the 300+ from the 3 auctions this summer, (most of the auction mares will be foaling next year too) they can not take on another 100.
    She is looking for other rescues/individuals that can take them. You know a few here, a couple there, and they could all be saved. She was hoping to also get donations to help with the feed/care for them, and the other rescue horses while they are being gentled and placed. She told us they are working on having a baby boot camp soon, open to previous Wild Horse Boot Camp participants to gentle some of the Pilot Valley foals. They must be gentled because they need feet trims!
    Their trainer has been out of commission. She was in a bad car wreck in early Nov.on her way to work, soon after returning from a trip to Falon to evaluate the 96 mares & foals. Thank God she avoided being hit head on, but the pick up sent her car thru a telephone pole, and out into the desert. She came too while being loaded in the ambulance. The dizziness from the concussion is finally fading, but her ribs/back are still hurting, and yesterday she found out she needs surgery on her knee so will continue to be on disability until mid-late feb. The volunteers are pitching so things are still getting done, but she is missed.
    If you are so inclined, please say some prayers that the foals waiting to be saved can find homes, for those who were saved to bloom, and for the other wild ones who were sold in lots and were surely shipped to slaughter. AND if you have room for a couple/few/more babies be sure to email Jill and let her know! Their webbie is wildhorserescue.org

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    Cross posting, they are safe now but need homes. Anyone interested please contact Jill at Lifesavers. This is a very good rescue!

    Foals still need homes, but here is news of a Christmas Miricle!
    Just hours away from being loaded on to double decker cattle trucks and heading north on the Highway to **** that would take the 235 little wild mustangs from their Nevada home to the horrible fate of a Canadian Slaughter Plant, Mrs. Madeleine Pickens, a well known and highly respected wild horse advocate made an incredible offer that turned out to be the "stay of execution" these horses must have been praying for.
    I was having a conversation late in the evening on Dec. 22 with Mrs. Pickens about the terrible fate that the Native American horses were facing. So many of the rounded up mustangs had already been sold and shipped to slaughter. As I was talking with her about the group of foals I am trying to save from the same herd that have not been sold yet, she asked me if we could save any of the horses that were bought by the killers before they get shipped off. Admittedly I was caught off guard by that question, but I was quite happy to make a phone call and see if any of the auction purchased mustangs were still in the killer's feedlot. I quickly found out that there were still 235 horses on the ground being readied to ship out on Friday, Christmas Eve.

    When the killers said sure we'll sell them to you for the same amount of money that we would make off of them at the slaughter house I called Mrs. Pickens back and told her the high price they demanded. She reeled temporarily by the large figure, but quickly rebounded with "we have to do it, we can't let those horses go to slaughter".

    We both hung up with our respective jobs to do...I had to make the arrangements to receive another 235 horses at our temporary holding facility in Fallon, and she had to raise the funds.
    By early this morning, Thursday Dec. 23, all the pieces were in place and the horses now have a new lease on life.
    All 235 horses will be housed along with Lifesavers other Fallon rescues until their long term sanctuary is ready for them.

    I have to say that I am amazed by and have much admiration for Mrs. Madeleine Pickens. Her compassion is boundless and her determination is a force of its own.
    I am honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Saving America's Mustangs & Madeleine Pickens in this blessed holiday miracle that saved 235 precious lives.
    I hope there will be more miracles to witness in the days to come.
    May all your hearts be bursting with the warmth of this season of giving...
    Many blessings,

    Jill Starr, President, Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue

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    You guys are wonderful keep up the good work

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    Crossposting from another board:
    Hi Folks, We have a "semi" emergency run to make to get 55 babies to safety. If anyone would like to help transport from Palomino Valley to Fallon, please let me know. We are looking at trying to get it done this Monday before we have weather come in again. Gas reimbursement offered or tax deductible donation receipts.

    THANKS ALL, Shirl 775-246-7636

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