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Horse Gifts for Horse Lovers (4 of 11) - DRESSAGE

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Equestrians discovered that while using hoof manicure, their own hands and nails looked better. They also found that equine shampoo and tail & mane conditioner gave their hair extra bounce and shine. Now you can enjoy this secret with Dressage Skin and Hair Products. Dressage was inspired in horse country and is pH balanced, so you can use it every day.

Packaging        Price       Qty         
DRESSAGE Manicure Cream   $12.00    
Two DRESSAGE Manicure Creams
  The 2nd one for half price
DRESSAGE Hair Wash   $6.00    
DRESSAGE Conditioner   $6.00    
DRESSAGE Hair Wash & Conditioner
  Buy this duo and save 25%
DRESSAGE Oatmeal Bath Foam   $6.00    
  Save 20%
Two DRESSAGE Gift Sets
  Save over 30%


DRESSAGE MANICURE CREAM - The secret to beautiful nails
Horses' hooves are subjected to extremes of dryness and wetness. Equestrians discovered hoof manicure not only protected their horses' hooves, it also strengthened and conditioned their own nails too. Dressage brings you this secret in Manicure Cream, providing the same benefits, but formulated for women so you can use it every day.

Equestrians discovered the shampoo and conditioner they were using on their horses' manes to make them strong and supple, worked on their own hair too. Dressage Hair Wash and Dressage Conditioner give your hair the same fullness and sheen, while protecting it from the elements. They are pH balanced and formulated especially for women, so you can use them every day. Give your hair the richness and bounce of a horse's mane at full gallop

Horses have more sensitive skin than you might think. And to soothe it, equestrians use oatmeal shampoo. Along the way, they found the restorative herbs and soothing oatmeal worked wonders in their own bath. Now you can enjoy this secret in a pH balanced bath foam made especially for women, so you can use it every day. Discover how it soothes your skin and calms your mind and soul.

Introduce your family and friends to horse country. Take advantage of our Gift Specials. Products are in a decorative box ready for gift giving. Includes Dressage Manicure Cream, Hair Wash, Conditioner and Oatmeal Bath Foam.



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